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Axis Powers Hetalia

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Incest, Mature Content, OOC, Product of High Sugar Intake, Shonen-ai, Shoujo-ai
Main Characters: Reader, Various, You
Genres: None | Story Types: Ficlet, Reader Insert
Length: 5 chapter(s) / 1887 words | Complete: No

Summary: Here's my Hetalia 100 prompts challenge! Starring YOU with all the Hetalia characters! Haaave fun!
Published: 01/29/12 | Updated: 02/12/12
Axis Powers Hetalia

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Crackfic, Drug References, OOC, Product of High Sugar Intake, Silliness
Main Characters: Other, Reader, Various, You, China, Germany, Prussia, Russia
Genres: None | Story Types: Other, Reader Insert, Real Person
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 825 words | Complete: No

Summary: This is a story that I am writing for my friend Martine. It was suppose to be a one-shot with Prussia. . .but I think it might be a short series. . ! Yay~!
Martine-- I hope you like this! Sorry it has taken me FOR-EV-UR to write this for you. Enjoy!
Other people-- You're welcome to read too; its a halfly reader insert. There is all of the second person-ness, except your name will be Martine, mkay? And sorry if you don't know some of the people mentioned. . .ktnxbai
Published: 02/20/12 | Updated: 03/02/12