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I was born in 1998 on March 4th. I live in a small town in Texas. My name is Mya. My favorite unhealthy food is donuts and my favorite healthy food is strawberries or green beans. Well green bean casserole. My favorite unhealthy drink is Dr. Pepper. My favorite healthy drink is water. I don't have too many hobbies except for looming, writing and dancing. The most serious out of those is my dancing. I am a ballet dancer. Not a ballerina, that is completely different. A ballerina is the top girl in the company. As for me, well, I am still in high school, therefore I cannot be in a company yet, unless I am a trainee, which, obviously, I am not. So that's my dream job, and if not ballet than it would be a orthodontist. So that's my bio. Bye!!!