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First of all, I am becoming more known in forums and story websites by the penname Iggy, so there you go. It really is my nickname.

I come from, and my penname there is Iggy - Essence of Angst. I would have stuck with that title for this site, but the character restriction did not allow it. So - I just went with Iggy. ^_^

I write for the Inuyasha fandom, as well as dabbling in the Chrno Crusade, Elfen Lied and Sailor Moon fandoms.

I will, on occasion read fanfics in the above fandoms, and although I saw the anime Full Metal Alchemist, I don\'t write for it, nor do I read it on occasion. If you\'re really curious, come by my LiveJournal (Iggy04) and drop a line or two.

I immensely enjoy talking about fanfics or fandoms in general. If you want to talk to me about something specific, you\'ll have to use the PM system on If I feel that you\'ve become (somewhat) familiar to me through fandom or just in general, perhaps I\'ll give you my MSN IM. Maybe.

Inu Yasha

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Death
Main Characters: Sango
Genres: Angst, Tragedy | Story Types: One Shot
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 374 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: It was his blood on her katana. It was his blood that stained her hands. She had never wanted him to suffer, and yet this was her own doing. Her own guilt, anger and regret. Her own hands were covered in the substance, and after everything, she felt like she had ripped her own heart out. She failed him.
Published: 05/16/06 | Updated: 05/16/06
Inu Yasha

Rated: Youth | Warnings: None
Main Characters: Original Character(s)
Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance, Time Travel | Story Types: Continuation
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 858 words | Complete: No

Summary: Sango is given a chance to go back in time and fix everything that happened because of Naraku. Even if she does succeed in doing that, there is one thing that can never be reclaimed. Nothing comes without a cost.
Published: 06/09/06 | Updated: 06/09/06