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BonitaWolfSpirit, aka Bonita and ArcheressOfApollo, aka Archie here XD

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*2/5/09 – Suuu I posted Archie’s chapter of Leave Out All the Rest for her, since it’s my day off ^.^ I’ll be posting my chapter either Sunday or next Thursday, depending on how many more of my numbers I get done. Annnddd… I think that’s about it ^^


*12/30/08 – Happy Holidays? *hides since she’s been missing since… she can’t remember when XD* *AHEM* Anyway.

So, I moved Was it a Dream? to the Upcoming part of the Currents and Upcoming Section, and put a Challenge Response, Leave Out All the Rest in its place, since I have something written and Archie has an outline, I believe XD As of right now, I’m in charge of the even numbers, and Archie is in charge of the odds. We also agreed that if we were stuck on a number and preferred a different number, we’d switch off. All this will be said in the authors notes when we post the drabbles. We’re also entertaining the idea of a self-insert drabble/ficlet booklet, so be on the lookout for that too. As for right now, it’ll be a few weeks before Archie has computer access, so I’m going to wait until she gets her new compy to post anything I have written for the challenge response ^.^

Erm… and I think that’s it for now ^^


*7/7/08 - BWS profile? And erm, two summaries in the Currents and Upcoming and Plot Bunnies Sections? Haha XD *just made the account a minute ago* WE\'LL HAVE MORE TOMORROW. Or in the late afternoon, rather XD *is currently 1:05 A.M where she is* WOOO~ MOVING ON~


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~*[Currents and Upcoming Section]*~


None as of right now XD


Was it a Dream?
(Saiyuki; [NC-17]; AU, Self-Insert)
\"And then, strangely, somehow, we got on the subject of self insert\'s and the Saiyuki boys. I remember saying that, with us thrown into the mix, it would equal total chaos and destruction-
(How right we were on that shared thought)
-and then she had said \"Wow, we should do that as our co-wiritng project XD.\" And. Well..
We ran with the idea. But the thing was, we never wrote it.

We lived it.

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~*[Plot Bunnies]*~

You Thought Wrong
(Saiyuki; [NC-17]; AU, Self-Insert)
[Sequel to Was it a Dream?
\"Hey, remember that time I pushed you on Sanzo and you both, like, took out that table?\" \"Hey, remember when they thought I was a quiet, innocnet girl? So much for THAT after a month of knowing me.\" Both girls laughed before suddenly stopping at a very loud rustling in the tree above them. The next thing they knew, four bodies fell into their laps, startling them into a yelp.

\"This brings a whole new meaning to \'it\'s raining men.\'\" The raven-haired girl did a double take. \"HOLY SHIT, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOIN\' HERE, SANZO?!\"

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~*[Archie\'s Info Section]*~

Archie’s Lunaescence.Com Account
Archie\'s FOSFF.Net Account

Name: Tabitha
Nickname: Tabs, Tabby, Tibbi, Archie
Age: Twenty-three (wow, I\'m old >.>; )
Hair Color/Length: Auburn/Shoulders
Eye Color: Dark brown
Height: 5\'4, rather average XD
Birthday: June 27
Occupation: Assistant Manager in general retail; novelist; fanfic author
Likes: Chicken, anime, manga, pretty boys, the colors pink and blue and purple, pikapika, Asian themed decor, daydreaming, CSI, Dane Cook, tigers, samurai, summer rain, winter,fuzzy rodent-y pets.
Dislikes: Stupidity in its many forms, narrow minds, bad spelling and grammar, any form of insect/bug/etc, green beans, idiots.

AIM Screen Name: WhoaThereSparkie
E-mail: chaoticblue03[at]gmail[dot]com

Archie has been writing for twelve years now; she started out writing what would amount to original, children\'s horror before graduating to a tamer form of romance over the years. She is not so good with poetry and basically gave it up after creative writing classes in high school. Archie\'s early fanfiction was band based, as she was (and still is) a hardcore Hanson fan and the BSB were just too pretty not to want to make smutty fiction with. Now, her fanfiction mostly consists of anime/manga titles, including but not limited to Gundam Wing, Slayers, YuGiOh, Fruits Basket, Saiyuki and Yu Yu Hakusho.

Her first completed, anime based (Slayers) fanfiction was named \"The Sword of Ruin\" and can be found under the penname Archeress Of Apollo at

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~*[Bonita\'s Info Section]*~

ACCOUNTS (Most Active to Least)
Bonita’s Lunaescence.Com Account
Bonita\'s FOSFF.Net Account

Name: Kerri
Nickname: Ker, K, Bonita
Age: Nineteen
Hair Color/Length: Burgundy-Brown/Shoulders
Eye Color: Forest Green
Height: 5\'7
Birthday: June 21, a.k.a First Day of Summer

Occupation: Starbucks Manager/Stop&Shop Employee, Fan-fic/Reader-Insert/Poetry/Original Works authoress, Two-thousand seven graduate

Likes: Any kind of food except peas, any kind of music, books, anything by Anne Rice or Stephen King, horseback riding, four-wheeling/dirt-biking, CSI, House, Lost, movies, anime, playing video games, the computer, the internet, hanging with friends, dancing, singing, drawing, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts

Dislikes: People who are ignorant and think they\'re the shit, people who are stuck up, racism, peple who aren\'t open to other peoples ideas, people who think they can control other people, people who put others down for their own amusement, basically, anyone who acts like a total, arrogant, snobbish jerk who doesn\'t want to hear what other people have to say, liars, hypocrites, people who go back on their word, FAKE people, people who are self-obsessed and center everything (ie: someone they know is terminally ill, but they focus it on how THEY feel about it) around them.

AIM Screen Name: BonitaWolfSpirit
Site:Silver Rain.

Bontia has been writing for since she was about ten years old. Her first writings were poems. Her first story was a short story, that was never finished and is buried somewhere in her closet ^_^. Her first fan-fic was a Rurouni Kenshin one, that she has lost all data on, and her first CYOA is \'The Rose Duelist...You!\'.

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Inu Yasha, Trigun, Naruto, Black Cat

Rated: Youth | Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Silliness, Spoilers
Main Characters: Miroku, Reader, Sasuke, Various, You
Genres: Angst, Drama, Fluff, Friendship, General, Humor, Ninja, Romance | Story Types: Alternative Universe, Collection, Drabble, Ficlet, General, Reader Insert
Length: 2 chapter(s) / 365 words | Complete: No

Summary: [Response to SarahWeasely’s “25 Emotions” Challenge.] When my time comes, forget the wrong that I’ve done; help me leave behind some reasons to be missed. Don’t resent me, and when you’re feeling empty, keep me in your memory. Leave out all the rest.

Leave Out All the Rest.

Published: 02/05/09 | Updated: 02/26/09