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Hello I\'m the RandomAnon! I will often review on stories, and I\'ve decided to go and create my own profile here and add some stories to it. I actually \'migrated\' from Fanfiction, as I was having some...erm...rough times there.
As I\'ll kindly call it.

I\'m extremely picky about where I put my stories, if not picky, then I am about telling you guys where I put them. I keep things updated, but for now i am

ONLY UPDATING ON LUNA and GOTVG.NET under the same username. That is extremely important. Anywhere else it has been stolen.

So, a mild update.

Why haven't you updated Madness?

Because it takes me 3 months to get through the queue. And last time, it took me a grand total of 9 months, with no information back.

So basically what happened is, I posted the next chapter update about a day after I updated the second time. I waited about four months, and all I got back was, "You submitted two chapter entries and both have been removed from the queue." But I hadn't, so I asked for more information regarding what happened, and I got nothing back.

So I attempted to update a second time, about three months later, I get an e-mail saying, "please revise your chapter update" and then was given no information as to what needed revision. I redid chapter three, and yet it got removed from the queue without an e-mail.

Right now I am currently working on another story, which only because it was a request by a friend. Otherwise I wouldn't try to update xD

If I could get in a contact with a mod, that'd work fine, but I can't seem to get in contact with one either. So until I get this figured out, unfortunately, I cannot update Madness. I do have the third and forth chapter completed, but I cannot update.

Devil May Cry

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Adult Situations, Fluff, Mildly Explicit, Silliness
Main Characters: Dante, Reader, Vergil
Genres: Action, Drama, Friendship, General, Humor, Lemon, Psychological | Story Types: Alternative Universe, Drabble, Reader Insert
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 445 words | Complete: No

Summary: You're an ex-surgeon that found the demon brothers fascinating in not only their healing capabilities, but their abilities to be so human, while not being so.

Dante bugs you, being who he is and what he does, but you can withstand his harassment for studies and what-not. It was Vergil who you got a long better with.

When he returns one day, irritated and looking offended by your presence... well, you're a bit confused.

Dante enlightens you about what day of the month it is, and this is where you realize true fear.

Vergil x Reader.

Part of my, Is it hot, or is it just me? Challenge!
Published: 02/07/14 | Updated: 02/28/14
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Rated: Adult | Warnings: Adult Situations, Angst, Crude Humor, Explicit Material, Fluff, Graphic Violence, Mature Content, Mild Adult Situations, Mildly Explicit, Sexual Situations, Spoilers, Strong Language, Torture, Violence
Main Characters: Gokudera Hayato, Hibari Kyoya, Lambo, Reborn, Sasagawa Kyoko, Sawada Tsunayoshi, Various, Yamamoto Takeshi, You
Genres: Action, Angst, Drama, Fluff, General, Horror, Lime, Romance | Story Types: General, Other, Reader Insert
Length: 2 chapter(s) / 1318 words | Complete: No

Summary: You were that girl.
You were his friend.
You were his close, trusted ally.
You were shot.

He was insane.

Past!KyokoxTsuna, Friendship!YouxTsuna, TYL!KyokoxTsuna, Final: TYL!Yandere!TsunaxTYL!You

Inspired by the ever lovely ViViD Eminence.
Published: 03/28/12 | Updated: 07/22/12

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