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[Dec. 3, 2013]

Luna is saved!

I am very happy about this. As such, I'm going to really make an effort to get past my writer's block on Geography Never Looked So Good. I have lots of ideas for it (many already written), but getting from point A to point B is the part giving me trouble.

I also have a some other stories I'd like to post, for a few different fandoms, but I'm not sure which I should focus on. Because of that, I'm thinking maybe I'll put up a chapter of each and see what you guys think.

The ideas I have are for:

I already have one little idea waiting for validation, and another that I'm still on the fence about...

Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin
I have a few for this, but one is more fully fleshed-out than the others. The only problem is I haven't read the manga and am a complete spoiler-phobe. T~T

Kingdom Hearts
Again, a couple in the cooker, here. One in the KH-verse and another that's an AU.

Tiger & Bunny
Two ideas. Not sure which has the most potential...

Final Fantasy XIII (series)
This one's lower down on my priority list, but I have it pretty much outlined.

Devil May Cry (classic)
This one's a big 'maybe'. I'm super intimidated by writing for this fandom, so it's probably never gonna see the light of day.

And, finally... I have a bunch of original story ideas kicking around. Odds are I'll never get around to posting any of them, though.

Anyway! There it is! I may start posting tester chapters of some of them, and focus on the one(s) you guys prefer. I'm so glad Luna's not dead.


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