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Hello. :)

Me: Long time lurker/part-time author.
But hopefully that'll change soon.
(For the better! More reviews for everyone!)

My stories will be cross-posted at GotVG under the same name.


Sherlock (BBC)

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Coarse Language, Mild Adult Situations, Spoilers
Main Characters: DI Lestrade, Dr. John Watson, Molly Hooper, Mrs. Hudson, Mycroft, Reader, Sherlock Holmes, Various
Genres: Comedy, Friendship, General, Humor | Story Types: Drabble, General, Reader Insert
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 655 words | Complete: No

Summary: He was the quite possibly worst date of your entire life. Yet, it seemed to be rather difficult to keep him out of it.

(Friendship!) ReaderxSherlock
Published: 08/23/14 | Updated: 08/31/14
Yu Yu Hakusho

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Adult Situations, Sexual Situations, Violence
Main Characters: Original Character(s), Reader, Various
Genres: Action, Adventure, Friendship, Paranormal, Romance | Story Types: General, Reader Insert
Length: 13 chapter(s) / 23426 words | Complete: No

Summary: You sought to destroy the Spirit World. They sought to destroy you.
Befriending these people was the last thing you would ever expect to happen.
Falling in love never even crossed your mind.

Published: 04/14/14 | Updated: 07/07/17
Yu Yu Hakusho

Rated: All | Warnings: None
Main Characters: None
Genres: Humor | Story Types: Alternative Universe
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 289 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: You decide to give Kurama the ultimate test of his love for you.
Published: 12/14/09 | Updated: 12/14/09