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Welcome to the page of ILoveRoxasMore! As I become a better writer, my page will change with me. :D

.:Basic Facts:.

Name: ILoveRoxasMore.
Nickname: If you seriously want to call me something else, call me Bri.
Age: 17
Lives: Twilight Town(Cause that\'s where Roxas lives!)

Hobbies: Reading, writing, playing video games, watching Anime, hanging out with friends, listening to music, and thinking.

Personality: I feel like a Sim. >.> Uhm. I\'m a nice person. I love being random. I love life and friends. I\'m quiet at times and loud the other times. I don\'t like being the center of attention but I will be if needed. Trying new things is fun. I haven\'t fought a fist fight before but I\'ve came close to it many of times. I blame my random anger outbursts. People tell me I\'m pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, etc but I just think of myself as average. I\'m about 5\'6. My height is perfect for me. I can be very lazy and I procrastinate...a lot. :P Though I am very patient. 

Anything else: I\'m part French, Irish, Scottish, and a few other things. I love to put in smiley faces! :D

.:The Ins and Outs and Whatnots:.

Last updated: April 16, 2010.

Favorite color: Blue. Always will be.

Favorite food: Mac and cheese, cookie dough, and anything from Hardees. *is a fatty..not really:P*

Favorite T.V show: iCarly. Lulz.

Favorite Anime: Ouran High School Host Club and Kyo Kara Maoh!

Favorite characters: Roxas(Always will be.), Honey(OHSHC), Yuuram(KKM! Together. My one and only favorite Yaoi pairing.)

Currently doing: Spending every waking moment either with friends or back pains. It\'s Spring Break! :D

Current song of loving: \"All To Blame\"-Sum 41.

Current mood: Ready for more.

.:My OCs:.

Family OCs.

The Reiniché family.
•Ms. Sasha Reiniché- Long brown hair. Blue eyes. 5\'7. Famous actress in most stories. Loves her two daughters. Isn\'t like the usual famous people. She likes being mom and lets everyone know. She makes drastic decisions. She lets things get to her head easily. She adores seeing new places. 

•Elise Reiniché- Long brown hair when young. Shoulder length hair when older. Light green eyes. 5\'6. Daughter of Sasha Reiniché. Twin of Amber. Is capable of acting but loves writing more. Since she love writing, she loves to read. When she\'s younger, she is boy crazy. When she\'s older, she matures more and likes guys less crazier than her younger counterpart. In both ages, she\'s still a social butterfly. She\'s always trying to help others. She can be sporty like Amber but she isn\'t as good. She\'s nice, flirty, and fun. 

•Amber Reiniché- Long brown hair when young. Long black hair with red streaks(sometimes. Depends on story) when older. Golden brown eyes. 5\'5. Daughter of Sasha Reiniché. Twin of Elise. Loves to have adventures. Life is something to explore and fufill to Amber. When young, she\'s too stuck into her own reality to care much about boys and friends. When older, she learns that her reality isn\'t real and becomes more like her sister in the sense that she\'s more talkative and friendly to others. Her hobbies are exploring, playing games, and sports(specifically Blitz Ball and volleyball). She\'s abesent-minded at times, usually nice till you push the wrong buttons, and knowledable about the outside world. 

Single OCs.

•Terra- Short black hair that\'s usually in a Haruhi Suzumiya styled ponytail. Purple eyes. 5\'3. Usually between the ages of 17-18. A short, quiet girl with an unknown past. She doesn\'t know her family and doesn\'t have any memories of them. She\'s a music lover and can play most instruments, guitar being her favorite. People mistake her as shy but really when she doesn\'t know you too well, she doesn\'t say much. When she knows people, she becomes more open, nice and random. She has sarcastic humour. She can usually tell what\'s wrong with most people since she listens more than she talks. She\'s friendly till you talk about her height! Friends are as important to her as music is important to her. Her absolute most favorite item in the world is chocolate chip cookie dough. If she\'s ever in a story where she needs weapons or powers, she takes on the Earth element and uses Talim\'s(Soul Calibur 2) Double Crescent Blade.

Please ask to use these!:)

.:My Stories/Series:.

This section will be filled when my stories appear! :P

Pictures shall be here soon enough!
Thanks for reading!:)

Kingdom Hearts

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Fluff, Mild Adult Situations
Main Characters: Original Character(s), Various
Genres: Fluff, Friendship, Other | Story Types: Ficlet
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 2085 words | Complete: No

Summary: Elise Reiniché has moved to Destiny Island. Her mom is a famous
actress and does what she pleases. Elise's sister, Amber, is stuck
with Elise for the ride of Elise's life: The ride of love. After
helping her sister and her mother with their love lives, Elise decides
that she needs a guy, too. That's when her ride begins. But when four
bachelors all like her at the same time, who will she choose?

Elise(OC) x Sora x Riku x Roxas x Tidus
Amber(OC) x Wakka

Published: 04/16/10 | Updated: 04/17/10