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Hypothesis Penguin--aka Jade

Order: Writer

Family: Fiction

Species: Mixed Species


Hypothesis Penguin currently resides in a box-like room at an on-campus college residence. She is a solitary creature often compared to a hermit (or the Garbage Woman in the movie Labyrinth). She is active during the daylight hours and sleeps through the night unlike the college residents around her. She shies away from parties and drinking preferring to spend her time writing, sleeping, or playing video games.

Hypothesis Penguin is a friendly creature, though she is extremely shy. She dances when she\'s bored, and spends much of her time daydreaming and searching for creative things to hoard up and keep until she needs them.

Food and Feeding

Hypothesis Penguin often skips breakfast as she leaves early for class, even if she doesn\'t start until midday some days. Her lunch usually consists of sandwiches and if she can not get lunch because of class she will snack on sugary substances until such a time when she can find some instant noodles or a proper meal... and then it is back to the sugar.

She is also very fond of tea and craves it most hours of the day.

Did You Know?

- Hypothesis Penguin can live for days on end off sugar and water/soft drink before finally needing some real food (in which, for such a time, she goes home).

- Hypothesis Penguin is a procrastinator, and as such, she avoids proper work like the plague. If a work begins to become boring to her she will put it on hiatus and avoid looking at it ever again lest she decides she truly does hate it.

- Hypothesis Penguin is socially awkward in the sense that she refuses to go anywhere outside where she is comfortable by herself. People scare her, and it is only through walking with someone she knows that she can go anywhere (unless she is using a form of public transport, however Hypothesis Penguin is a poor university student).

Related Species

Hypothesis Penguin has relations to many species, though she has an aversion to the Mary-Sues (and Gary-Stus). She feels they ruin what could be good writing and urges people to make sure that their characters are believable and realistic as it hurts her to see something that could be good go so horribly bad.

Natural Enemies

Being a passive species, Hypothesis Penguin does not make many enemies. However, she does tend to avoid the Twilighter, finding the series to be a waste of trees, ink, and money. It may be the flat characters, the cliched plot line worthy of FictionPress, or the purple prose... but either way Hypothesis Penguin does not have good things to say about this series.


Born on October 29, 1990. Hypothesis Penguin resides in a not-to-be-named college in Australia.

She took an interest in writing and fiction at a young age and was making up stories and writing them and fan fiction before pre-school. Since then her interest has grown and she has hopes of some day getting published (after all, if Stephenie Meyer can do it).

At university she studies Japanese and Chinese. She has high hopes of someday living in Japan, and also of learning more languages.


Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls, role playing, writing, reading, drawing, playing video games, and trying to learn languages.


Disclaimers: Unrealistic happenings, mysterious lacks of plot, dodgy characters, often confusing proceedings, uneven chapter lengths, disappearing secondary characters, people with issues.
For Fan Fiction: Any characters/situations/etc that you recognise belong to the author/creator/etc. They do not belong to Hypothesis Penguin.

Warning: May contain het, slash, or femmeslash relationships.

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