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Konichiwa~ I am the very Mad Alice-chan that you all love and are slightly afraid of.

About My amazingly long profile-
I personally don\'t give a flying cookie

About what you think of it.

~Allo Mah Readers~_

Ciao. What I advise you to do right now is run crazily in the opposite direction, screaming like a little girl.

Ok, so if you haven\'t done so yet, then this is a little something about me for you to read.

About Meh:

My Name: Alice...or if you wanted to refer me to what my close friends call me, it\'s Cain.

My ALIAS: BlackAliceButterfly

About Me:

I am currently sipping tea, staring at the damn computer, and crazily singing \" London Bridge is falling down\" under my breath.

Alright, you looked, here\'s your punishment. If you take away my damn iPod, I will go Chuck effin\' Norris on your ass. Don\'t ask how, because we all know that you don\'t find Chuck Norris- he finds you. -cough- right, anyway. I am a rather insane individual, I know where your sleep ( in your bed) and I read too much Anime/Manga for my health. I\'m 5\'2, and I will run around a huge mall screaming for you to become one with Russia while wearing my big-ass scarf. I like pissing people off with my dry and insanely sarcastic attitude. I talk to other insane individuals. I\'m weird-assedly awesome. Don\'t question why I have stupid habits and I sleep with a stuffed rabbit every night so it can take me to wonderland and I can bother the Mad hatter. yeah. I\'m going to stop ranting.

Favorite Food: Tea, Red Velvet Cake. and Lollipops.

Favorite Song: Child\'s Play by GOTHIKA

Favorite Weather: Pouring Buckets and Howling wind.


Rated: 17+ | Warnings: None
Main Characters: You
Genres: Adventure | Story Types: Epic
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 8651 words | Complete: No

Summary: Live, Die, Reborn, Repeat. That was my cycle, my anguish and my salvation for the past hundred and five years. Then, one day I died...and my cycle had changed... for the worse.
My Name is Cain, and this is my story.

No Pairings at the Moment.
Published: 06/25/10 | Updated: 06/26/10