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Hi, littlesilverwolf27 here, I need to let everyone know a few things about me before you should read my stories or consider me as a friend.

I WILL not tolerate any sort of hate towards bisexuals like me, Gay men or Lesbeins. They can not help who they are, who are you to judge? Are you god? What makes YOU superior enough to judge others just because they are different?

I have Asperger\'s Syndrome and it makes me think in a different way, my temper and anger levels are completely different from yours, I see life differently, I refuse to judge quickly, you get three or two chances to redeem yourself, after that it\'s long gone and you\'re better off getting out of my life before you make things even more rocky or worse for yourself.

Another thing, I WILL NOT EVER tolerate stereo types, EMO, Punk, Pep I WILL NOT TOLERATE THEM, you got it? If you ever use that with me, you\'re on thin ice and then it\'ll crack and like any other person in my life that I hate, you will be in cold water with my back facing you as I walk away. I will not leave you to drown, I\'d never reduce myself to the level of a murderer, however I will never be able to look you in the eye with the slightest care or ever accept you as a friend or even humane.

Mary-sues. Ok, I will NOT accept or even TRY to like a character as a Mary-sue unless there is a reason that said character is a Mary-sue, like for example they aren\'t completely human, hence their un-natural beauty, or that they try to make themselves as kind and helpful as possible because of an incident that happened to make them reaslize how important it is to be the way they wish to be.

And for another thing, if you try to make your own character also known as an OC/RPC then you must make it as original as you can. Unique hair colour but not too bright because it looks unnatural and tacky, something soft like a pastel shade would work. I for example you are making a Naruto RPC/OC, then you MUST make up a Clan name, a symbol and some sort of unique quality for that Clan, it CAN NOT be as powerful as the Senjuu Tsunade and the 1st and 2nd Hokage\'s Clan, Uchiha or Hyuuga, they are the most powerful to exist and it should remain that way unless you wish to use non-canon.

However, if you make a powerful Clan, make sure there is some sort of fall back to their power so they don\'t become Mary-sues/Gary-Stus like a certain famous one Shizue Asahi. And plus, take the time to design a cutsome for your character.

Another thing, when making an OC/RPC\'s personality that you think about how they should act around the characters, even if you like some characters you must think about whether your character would actually get along with them. Also, consider certain physcial as well as personality faults, an example would be Naruto\'s Haruno Sakura, she\'s very flat and simple looking excluding the pink hair with a large forehead and a short temper. She\'s the perfect example of a very original character, I\'ve never come across anything like her, she\'s feminine yet not weak at first she is but over comes it but very easy to see as a real person, if you know what I mean.

Another thing, I will not tolerate bashers for characters, I admit I bash characters sometimes for humour, but not to such extremes that I have seen on I know that some will hate those characters for whatever reason and I won\'t press that issue, even if I think it\'s pointless and stupid, however don\'t press your ideas onto me, for it will only be thrown back into your face.

I admit I\'m not the best writer here, I don\'t claim myself to be, I make mistakes like every human, I\'m not perfect but please, don\'t just bash my writing saying it\'s crap, just tell me what you don\'t like about it so I can improve but I must let you know, I rarely keep along the original story line of an anime, why? Because it\'s a FANFIC, it\'s written how I want it, as why it\'s called a fanfic, I don\'t go along the storyline usually because it\'s basically copying and it\'s absolutely BORING and UNORIGINAL!

Ok, rants finished.

Now, I have some challenges for everyone, some I may take myself to relieve the boredom.

1. Jinchuuriki oneshots.

I\'m sure everyone\'s noticed that the only Jinchuuriki oneshots contain Gaara, Naruto and sometimes Yugito, but what about the others? They all need some love! I challege you to make some oneshots for the other Jinchuuriki, they can be lemons if you want, but no yaoi lemons, fluff and kisses I can handle same for yuri but nothing more! Got it?

Ok, here are the couples. YaguraXReader/YaguraXYou/YaguraXOC, HanXReader/HanXYou/HanXOC, RoshiXReader/RoshiXYou/RoshiXOC, UtakataXReader/UtakataXYou/UtakataXOC, FuuXMale Reader/FuuXMale OC, Killer BeeXReader/Killer BeeXOC.

Yagura is the Yonbi (3rd) Jinchuuriki, Han is the Yonbi (4th) Jinchuuriki, Roshi is the Gobi (5th) Jinchuuriki, Utakata is the Rokubi (6th, he\'s my favourite), Fuu is the Shuichibi (7th) Jinchuuriki and we all know Killer Bee is the Hachibi (8th) Jinchuuriki.

2. Rinnegan and Sharingan Naruto

Begins during the Zabuza arc. When Sasuke \'dies\' to save Naruto in the ice mirrors, Naruto snaps and unlocks the gift Kyuubi had given him in secret, the Rinnegan (Pein\'s Kekkei Genkai) and the Sharingan.

Pairing: NaruHarem, girls of your choice, you may include female OCs of you wish.

Bloodlines: Naruto MUST have Sharingan and the Rinnegan, Naru\'s girls gain Sharingan once they have sex with him the first time.

MUST have: Naruto must have one black eye (when Sharingan is not being used the eye is black) and one orange eye (Pein\'s eyes are orange when not using the Rinnegan, I just guess that\'s a sign he has the Rinnegan).

3. The curse of 3, 6 and 9

After Naruto accidently finds a scroll containing the truth about his birthright and the Kyuubi as he steals the summoning scroll for Mizuki, he leaves Konoha without warning in a storm of anger. After a few days of wondering alone he comes across Utakata and Yagura, together all three train alone to become the strongest shinobi alive. Naruto returns for the Chuunin exams with Yagura and Utakata to show Konoha his talents and who they\'ve messed with.

Pairings: Your choice, yaoi and yuri allowed but if yaoi and yuri it only goes as far as kissing, understood?

MUST have: Utakata as a laid-back, slightly lazy person who is a fan of Icha Icha Paradise, he gets scary and VERY pissed off when someone either takes away his bubble pipe, looses it or breaks it, even Naruto and Yagura get scared when it happens. Yagura must be a quiet and serious person who is always scolding Utakata for reading Icha Icha Paradise when the Rokubi Jinchuuriki bring out the orange book of smut. Naruto must be the leader of the 3 and the most powerful, you can chose his personality and what elements he uses.

Bloodlines: Utakata will have a bubble type bloodline, he uses the bubbles to poison his enemies, use them as a shield as a self defense if needed. Yagura will have the Hyouton. Naruto\'s bloodline is the choice of; Sharingan, Byakugan, Hyouton, Shouton (crystal manipulation which is a mixture of douton and suiton), Sunaton or you can make up your own.

4. All Souls snap

What if Naruto finally snapped in the Chuunin exams during his fight with Kiba? What happens when he reveals that he is the Kyuubi Host? Only Gaara, Sasuke, Ino and Tenten stand by him. After the Chuunin exams Naruto, Gaara, Sasuke, Ino and Tenten leave their villages and become \'Nuke-nin/Missing-nin\', they run into Utakata the Jinchuuriki of the Namekuji No Rokubi, Utakata then trains the five Genin. Watch as Naruto, Utakata, Gaara, Ino, Sasuke and Tenten become ninja stronger than the Saanin, stronger than the Akatsuki and Kyuubi himself! They become the Ronin and only they can put fear into the Akatsuki.

Pairings: Your choice, NaruHarem is recommended.

MUST haves: Utakata must be laid-back, and never take anything other than his student\'s training seriously, he was an ANBU in Kirigakure before he left the village and is a fan of Icha Icha Paradise. Sandaime Hokae, Yondaime Hokage and Konoha Council bashing. Gaara and Naruto become Hanyou/Half-Demons that match their personalities when they reach 16 like Utakata did. Utakata\'s half-demon type is your choice. Utakata, Naruto and Gaara must be as gorgeous as Gods.

Bloodlines: Gaara will have Sunatona and Sharingan (a present from Shukaku). Utakata will have Hyouton and Shouton,.Naruto will have Rinnegan, Shouton AND Sunaton. Tenten will have Hyouton. Sasuke will have Sharingan. Ino will have a mind reading Bloodline.

5. What glues us together

Utakata moved to Konoha as Kirigakure forceably made him leave, he becomes a Jonin and takes Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata as his team, Team Omega. Watch as Sasuke, Naruto and Hinata become the new Saanin.

Pairings: NaruHina or NaruHarem, SasuTen or SasuTema and UtaKure, UtaAnko, UtaOC or UtaHarem.

MUST have: Utakata constantly scaring the crap outta Naruto (yelling \'boo\' from behind him suddenly ect), Utakata take anything seriously other than teaching and/or protecting his students. Sasuke does not gain cursemark or leave Konoha to Orochimaru. Hinata banished by her Clan council, she creates her own clan or marries Naruto, your choice. Naruto HATES Sakura, he has fangirls, he\'s a Prodigy with practical stuff but a dobe in acedemic stuff.

6. Heros

What if the Yondaime wasn\'t Naruto\'s father? What if Kushina wasn\'t Naruto\'s mother? What if... Utakata was Naruto\'s father? Who\'s Naruto\'s mother? After returning for his son who he was told to be dead, Utakata finds Naruto... and he\'s NOT happy with Naruto\'s life. Uh oh, the council pissed off Utakata! Hide!

Pairings: NaruHina or NaruTen, UtakataXwhoever you want.

Bloodlines: Utakata has the Hyouton, he saved Haku before the boy died, too quick for anyone to notice who was there, Haku was announced as missing by Kakashi. Naruto also had Hyouton.

7. Mist and Leaves

Naruto is summoned to a council meeting just after the Zabuza arc to be revealed jaw-dropping news. Naruto has a brother named Yagura, who is sat there with a scarred yet happy face, he\'s not only the Sanbi Jinchuuriki... but the Yondaime Mizukage?! THUD!! Wake up Naru!!

Pairings: NaruHarem or NaruHina

MUST have: Yagura take Naruto to Kirigakure to learn how to use Kyuubi\'s powers properly. Yagura must be serious, cynical and sarcastic but very loving to Naruto. Naruto must have purple eyes (either hidden by a Genjutsu or he wore contact lenses) to show he\'s related to Yagura.

8. Slugs and Foxes

Utakata, Jinchuuriki of the Rokubi No Namekuji is sent into the future by a jutsu gone wrong. And guess what? He\'s turned into a 12 year old and lands in Konoha, stark naked! He gets a second chance at life and joins the Konoha academy for Shinobi and Kunoichi in training, he\'s announced as a \'Prodigy\' and graduates alongside his fellow Jinchuuriki Naruto of the Kyuubi No Kitsune. Under the tutalege of Miratashi Anko, alogside Yamanaka Ino, watch as the two stand side by side and become the strongest Shinobi to ever exist!

Pairings: NaruHina or NaruHarem, UtaIno or UtaHarem.

MUST have: A funny Utakata that loves to scare the shit out of Naruto and gets PISSED when someone breaks his bubble pipe, scary enough for Anko to get the shivers, he summons lizards. Naruto has Mokuton, thanks to Kyuubi and summons toads. Ino must have a crush on Utakata, she will summon Hares (NOT RABBITS!!) and she will become a Medic-nin, better than Sakura, Tsunade and Shizune combined.

9. Jinchuuriki Medics

What if Naruto decided to become a Medic only a week after Utakata, a powerful Medic settles into Konoha? Watch as Naruto becomes as powerful a Medic as his Sensei, Utakata of the Rokubi No Namekuji.

Pairings: NaruHarem or NarutoXShizune, UtakataXAnko or UtakataHarem.

MUST have: Utakata take nothing seriously other than a pissed off Anko or stuff about the Medic profession. Yondaime Hokage, Sandaime Hokage OR Konoha council bashing, one or the other ONLY.

10. Hunter-Nin

Naruto besides to become a Hunter-nin after Sakura breaks his heart for the last time. Naruto works alongside his fellow Jinchuuriki, Utakata. Watch as the two hunt down dangerous criminals and become stronger than the Saanin.

Pairings: Your choice

MUST have: A serious Naruto. Sakura bashing. Icha Icha Paradise reading and laid-back Utakata. Strong and God-like Naruto, strong Utakata.

I\'m new to Lunaescence so bare with me for errors and long updates on the site, I do have school and other story websites to update aswell as a youtube account! However, I will get as much done in this amazing website as I can. ;)


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