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Hello every and thank-you for visiting my home page! I appreciate all of your support and will continue to write and update my stories as much as I can. School, work, etc. have been taking a lot of my free time, so I apologize for the later updates then normal. Please feel free to message me at anytime, to ask or talk about anything! I love receiving messages and talking to you all, I hope to see you all soon!

Romance, Supernatural & Horror, General Fiction, Fantasy, Action / Adventure, Science-Fiction, Drama & Suspense

Rated: Youth | Warnings: None
Main Characters: Original Character(s), Various
Genres: Action, Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Drama, Fairy-tale, Fantasy, Friendship, Gay Romance, General, Mystery, Other, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Science Fantasy, Science Fiction, Supernatural, Suspense, Tragedy | Story Types: Other
Length: 4 chapter(s) / 8744 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: To that world where I belong. But everyone had that place, right? Wrong.

Relina has to fight every day. She has to fight for her own survival in a world that surrounds her with the walking dead. Killers, death, corruption; it all lays out in front of her. Relina’s thoughts are barely her own, and even they are tangled up in the mess that develops around her. She has only one concern left about the vampyres. Who is good and who is bad?

This was my time, and my heart. The one that kept on beating, and I would never allow it to stop, not for eternity. Not for another life. No, it would stay as it was.
My name was Relina, and my heart continues to beat...
Published: 05/11/11 | Updated: 07/19/11
Poetry & Song, Free Verse

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: None
Main Characters: None
Genres: Death, Drama, General, Other, Romance, Tragedy | Story Types: Death-Fic, General, Other, Poetry
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 179 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: This is a poem about a girl who is in love with a boy who her parents forbid her to see. She replies on one thing to get her through her misery, her silver love.
Published: 12/11/09 | Updated: 12/11/09
Poetry & Song, Free Verse

Rated: All | Warnings: None
Main Characters: Other
Genres: Classic, General, Other | Story Types: General, Other, Poetry, Reader Insert, Real Person
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 172 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: Every thing that falls from the sky means something. Everything single drop holds something. Take your time, and you'll see. Just wait, and listen, and you will feel it.
Published: 05/27/11 | Updated: 05/28/11

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