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Hi Nice to meet you all! My name is Rina! x3

My Favorite Anime:
Naruto Shippuden
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Killing Stalking
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Hapi Mari
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Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Adult Situations, Mature Content, Mild Adult Situations, Mild Violence, Violence
Main Characters: 3rd Hokage, Akatsuki, Choji, Gaara, Gai, Hinata, Ino, Iruka, Itachi, Jiraiya, Kakashi, Kiba, Konohamaru, Kurenai, Lee, Naruto, Neji, Original Character(s), Other, Sai, Sakura, Sasuke, Tenten, Tsunade, Various
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Lemon, Lime, Romance, Tragedy | Story Types: Alternative Universe, Original FanFiction
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 3485 words | Complete: No

Summary: [AU-Modern Day/Narutoverse]
Chapter 1 UP!
Kumiko Kirisaki is a modern day Miko. Her normal life comes to a screeching halt when a strange light, falling from the sky hits her. The walls of her shrine shake and she gets pulled into a strange mirror hidden in her family's storage room. The mirror spits her out into The World Of Ninja. Her skills are put to the test when strange demons and spirits scatter into this world and it's up to her to protect it. There's a lot of weight bearing down on this thirteen-year-old junior high student. Can she handle the pressure, the dangers ahead and more importantly the new feelings she's developed for the two boys she's befriended.
Published: 04/04/17 | Updated: 04/06/17