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HEEEEEYYYYY peoples!!!!
Alright, so i bet yall wanna know a little somethin about me right???

Ohkies, here i go!!

Name~ Mariah Love *****{like imma let you know my lastname!}

Age~I\'m old enough to be writting smutty goodness! or at least in my mind at least. i\'m between 15-18

D.O.B.~ May 24 19**

Sexual orientation~ bi-sexual

Hair colour~ i think its auburn, im not really sure, its like a mix of red, blonde, and brunette

Eyes~ they\'re the same as my hair in certain lighting, but for generalization purposes, they\'re \'varying shades of brown\'

Fave food~ that\'s really difficult....i really like french fries, and mangoes

Fave drink~ Monster Mixxd Dunkin Donut\'s Iced mocha{light and sweet please, just like me^^}

Racial background~ Im literally almost every race/ethnicity there is, but once again for generalization purposes, im mostly African American, Norweigen,Native American,Puerto Rican and Dutch

Hobbies~ Writing stories, playing bass guitar,drums,violin, and piano, drawing ~both anime and portraits/sceneries~ Watching anime, reading manga, reading in general, skateboarding,horseback riding.

Sports~ Softball, basketball, and if it counts as a sport, i do muay thai{mixed martial arts}

Music genre~ Screamo, Punk Rock, Pop Rock, Alternative, Techno,Classical,Hip Hop

Favourite band of the month~ Tied between Framing Hanley and Drop Dead Gorgeous

Favourite song as of this month~ Tied with Alone In This Bed{Capeside} By Framing Hanley, and Tik Toc by Kesha

If you were to stereotype me, you\'d most likely choose....
Most people catogorize me under these stereo types, but i dont put myself in any. I\'m just me.
Ive been through alot in life, and its made me more inteligent than most people in my age. I\'m in all advanced placement classes, and i even skipped a grade in three classes.

Yes, i do cut, but just so you know, i don\'t do it to fit in with people.
It makes everything go away...i forget about everything when i do it.
Sometimes because the pain of doing it was taking my attention, but now its just...there.
Judge me all you want, i dont care.

I generally appear happy go lucky, hyper, and happy!
But deep down, im not really that happy.
I\'m in a very good relationship right now, and i don\'t plan on breaking his heart anytime soon.

Oh, and just so you know, i have two alternate personalities {my friend decided to name the two sides of me, happy and emotional}
and so, they are names Ellijiah{pronounced eh-shy-ah} he\'s the happy one, and Emarosa, the emotional one.

Anything i missed????
Look for me on facebook, or AIM me.
Grazi Amoure\'s!!!!!



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