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Name: Okichi
Alias: Olivia
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Huh...duno what to write...

well I just give you a smal picture of me:

I\'m small, I love Lavi XD, I got grey-blue eyes and brown hair (with waves), I love Anime and Manga and Fanfictions! (mostly pairings or Lavixreader), then there are my friends...of course, the most of them are manga fans too.

I love to laugh, have fun and argue. Despite the fact I\'m timide at the beginning, I\'m growing pretty near by time.

Favourite Animes:
Katekyo Hitman Reborn,
Eyeshield 21,
FMA Brotherhood,
Detective Conan,
Ruroni Kenshin,
Samurai Champloo,
Cheeky Vampire,
Ouran High School Host Club

...Hell, there are much more, but anyway...

Favourite Characters (male):

Hayato Gokudera,
Neji Hyuga,
Renji Abarai,
Toushiro Hitsugaya,
Roy Mustang,
Yiruma Youichi,
Heiji Hattori

Favourite Characters (female)

Riza Hawkeye,
Hinata Hyuga,
Kazuha Toyama,
Haru Miura,
Miranda Lotto,
Faye Valentine,
Eri Sawachika

Favourite Food:

...I just like food...there\'s nothing special

and for drinking: Ice tea (with honey and ingwer)

AND, I\'m swiss. So sorry for my grammar...I hope you guys don\'t mind, when I write mistakes...

But anyway, If you have the same interessts as me, contact me ^.-

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