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I won\'t specify any of these fields, unless I slip up, as I don\'t believe that any of them matter; judge me by my writing, not by the rest.
Ah, I sound harsh, but I try to have a sense of humor ^^ People find me funny for a laugh now and again.
One may notice my work tends to be quite dark or strange; no worries, it\'ll keep getting weirder and more revolting as time passes. : D Just wait \'till you see the one involving a girl with a strange knife habit, and another involving a calm suicidal boy(once I find this one and get the heart to finish it to content-_-). There will be lighter pieces, though. No worries.
I have my works on other sites, but if it\'s not under my olive-y name, tell me, \'cause that\'s not me putting that up.
Right now I have 9 pieces I am good with submitting; they\'ll get up in good time. Not patient? Look on DA, FF, or FP under my name and you\'ll find \'em (this assuming anyone wants to read them d: ). I can be found at wordpress as well, but that\'s for my art class. Feel free to visit, though.

This is enough blather for now. \'Till next time. -Olive

General Fiction

Rated: All | Warnings: None
Main Characters: None
Genres: General, Other | Story Types: Drabble, General, Other, Real Person
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 585 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: No rating (basically, good for all). It may be hard to understand; this is the process of how I write, I guess. It's a bit over the place, but it's how it works in this mind. Don't think I'm crazy after reading ^^. Word count for actual prose: 574
Published: 04/11/10 | Updated: 04/13/10

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