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Hi there! Pocoya reporting :)

I usually go by Beth, which greatly resembles my real name (no, it’s not Elisabeth lol).

I’m currently living in Madrid, Spain, and attending college as a freshman. I’m studying Telecommunications Engineering in English.

I have a somewhat insane obsession for everything related to the Persona series, especially when Akihiko or Chie make an appearance~

I have been in the cosplay business for more than three years and I wish to attend to a con in the States or to the con held in London during the Halloween weekend (although Barcelona’s con and WCS makes it somewhat difficult to go…).

As many of you, I really like reading fanfictions. Hell, I’ve been reading in Luna since I was 15! (and I’m 19 now so… obsessive reader too much? lol). I get the plot rabbits every time I’m on my way to some place (usually university) so I have finally decided to make something of my own.

I’m an invalidated author, so I’ll try my best!


Also, this is a way to improve my English skills. I want to obtain the Proficiency Certificate no matter what before finishing my degree. Tell me right away if you spot something that doesn’t look natural, and I’ll fix it :)

LAST BUT NOT LEAST I know it’s kind of awkward to write something in a language that is not your mother tongue, so please please if you desire to write something about Spain, in Spanish or something about culture, ask me. I do not mind at all. Really :)


BY THE WAY, Koneko Mizuki is awesome. She\'s really fun to talk with, and her fanfics are really good! And besides, we\'re gonna go pimping around with our very own SEES sooner or later :D

”Il faut dire vérité finit toujours par se découvrir. A chaque jour suffit sa peine. Chacun trouve chaussure à son pied. Le temps blanchit la tête sans nourrir la raison.”


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