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Skin: Pink
NAME: Senna
GENDER: Female
AGE: Hi~mi~tsu
BIRTHDAY: October 12
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Blisters on the tips of my fingers, and big saucer brown eyes. I also have very long ebony hair.


I love ramen.
I love Korean Pop.
I love to train.
I love to run.
I love to play the violin.
I love sweets.


I hate autumn.
I hate american food.
I hate most people.
I hate the word \'moist\'
I can\'t stand condescending people.
I really hate loud people.


I\'m aggressive.
I\'m short tempered.
I act before I think.
I\'m a perfectionist.


Music (Orchestra)
Science (Biology, Criminology, Chemistry.)

By the way, the pictures you see, are pictures of my favorite Korean men. xD There\'s all of Big Bang, Lee Min Ho, and Kim Sung Soo. :3


Do the impossible, see the invisible. Touch the untouchable, break the unbreakable.

NAME: Cha Eun Kyung
GENDER: Female
AGE: 20
BIRTHDATE: January 12, 1990
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5 Feet and 6 Inches. 127 lbs.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Blisters on the tips of her fingers, and dimples when she smiles.

OVERALL DESCRIPTION: She has a lot of muscle hidden under her sweet rocker chick style. She\'s thin because she worked out a ton with her father when she was a kid. So after her father went she kept going with the exercise. She wears cream colored scarves and dark colored tops with dark wash jeans on a regular basis. She loves boots, so she has a lot of ankle booties and knee high length boots. She doesn\'t like to wear heals much unless it\'s for a special occasion, heals on boots are more comfortable than stilettos so she wears those instead. She loves to wear floral prints in the spring but doesn\'t wear dresses. She does a lot of things with her hair, mainly cute buns and braids. She wears silver jewelry only and loves the color wine for herself. She doesn\'t wear much make up except for a peachy raspberry color on her lips, and some highlighter for her eyes and cheek bones.

These are types of clothes that you can imagine whenever she\'s dressed normally.

She loves ramen.
She loves Korean Pop.
She loves to train.
She loves to parkour in her spare time.
She loves to play the violin.
She loves sweets.
She likes rain.

She hates autumn.
She hates american food.
She hates most women.
She hates the word \'moist\'
She hates condescending people.
She hates fan girls, (like those that scream and squeal. THEY ARE FREAKIN ANNOYING)
She hates Valentine\'s Day.

She\'s aggressive.
She\'s short tempered.
She acts before she thinks.
She\'s a perfectionist.

Combat/Handling a gun
Music (Orch.)
Science (Biology, Criminology, Chemistry.)

She\'s usually rather sweet but she gets annoyed easily. When she gets angry everyone tends to steer clear of her because it\'s not pretty. She likes to have fun and to tease a lot though. She\'s not afraid to be blunt. She hates to sugarcoat things. Overall she\'s a bad ass. She\'s got a calm, care free personality when with someone special. She\'s a little lazy but always gets things done. She\'s quick to act before she thinks.

FAMILY: Her mother ran away after she got sick of their father. She has one older sister, who is her last living relative, her name is Dae Jeong. Her father died because he was doing shady buisness with the korean gangs which is why he trained Eng Kyung so hard. He thought that if one day he was gone, she\'d be able to protect herself should anything happen.

HOMETOWN: Eun Kyung\'s the only one in the states, But they were all born in Seoul. Eun Kyung lives in Northfield, Minnesota.

BEST MEMORY: Her best memory is one of her sister singing to her with Eun Kyung on her back. \"Far, far away, the clouds would move...\" until she fell asleep.

WORST MEMORY: Her father hitting her all the time and her older sister taking the htis for her.

Cha Eun Kyung lived with her family of four. Her older sister Dae Jeong is five years older than her. Mingu her father was a member of the Korean Mafia (wtf? Idk what it\'s called.) He started hitting her and trying to get her to defend herself when she was three, and as she grew she started to fight back, realizing she had the strength and the endurance to try. Her older sister would protect her and tell her to stop hitting when enough was enough, but she would end up getting hit herself. Eun Kyung\'s mother ran away two years after Eun Kyung was born. Her sister wasn\'t ever trained because their mom was able to stop their father from hitting her. Their father was a drunk and violent man. Their mother was kind and sweet. Dae Jeong is very very nice all the time, and very quiet. The \"ideal\" wife. After Dae Jeong was old enough she took Eun Kyung and ran off and less than a week later their father was killed in their old home. When Eun Kyung was growing up she got in a lot of fights at school because she was the smartest in her class and because they knew about her father. Dae Jeong gave Eun Kyung her first violin when she was 8. Eun Kyung entered a gym with Kim Joon Sung, and trained with him to be a K-1 fighter. Dae Jeong left Eun Kyung when she was nine. She was sick of her sister fighting all of the time. When Eun Kyung was 13 she was adopted into a korean american family. They treated her very well, but she lost contact with them after she\'d started college at 17. Now playing the violin for the St Olaf University Orchestra. Throughout the years she hasn\'t been in Korea, she\'s kept up the training her coach had given her.



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Summary: I was 16 and he was 22.
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