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[22 Things you may or may not know about...]

Darker than BLACK/Ryuusei no Gemini/Manga/Shikkoku no Hana.

(Also if you even know this anime/manga in the first place. It needs more love love~)

1.Opening (Howling) \'kay. If you make an effort to listen to the small bit of speaking during the awesome guitar that preludes the opening, you\'ll realize that it says this: Now I\'ve lost it, I know I can kill. The truth exists beyond the gate. How badass is that? Normally I wouldn\'t condone such stuff in an anime opening but that...that is a testament to how absolutely awesome DTB is. BTW, the speaker is also the voice actress for Cornelia off of Code Geass.

2.Ending (Tsukiakari/Dreams) With all the violent and absolute kickass stuff that goes on in the actual show, it\'s nice to see that such a yandere-type of anime has pretty flowers swaying and a nice, bittersweet yet adorable ending song to make people think \'aww\'...which doesn\'t quite fit DTB. Eh. I like it.

3.Hei/Yin Okay. I\'ve talked to my friends about this, and I can\'t deny that they\'re incredibly cute together. Hei goes beserk if someone tries to even touch Yin. If looks could kill, that guy who made a comment about taking advantage of Yin would have been a smudge on the ground. Ow. And in Ryuusei no Gemini, he\'s a complete wreck after whatever the Hell happened during the interlude that turned Yin into Izanami. Now he has to kill her. Can anyone say morality problems? (Totally a shipper of Hei/Yin)

4.Hei/Misaki Shippers? You guys are sic[k]. Misaki\'s like...what, late twenties, early thirties? I mean, even Kiko says something about it (much to miss police woman\'s chagrin), and so it\'s just wrong to even picture them as anything but sort of awkward friends, though Misaki\'s facination boarders on obsession to the point where her coworkers state that if she got laid, she\'d tone down the \'Rawr I must stalk him\' thing. Because that\'s Kiko\'s job.

6.Hei/Mayu Besides the OVA being a silly reset button, WHAT THE HELL. \'Nuff said.

7.Amber Deceptively cute child who has the annoying ability to rub Hei the wrong way and activate his beserk button, which earns her a pretty harsh B-slap after he got shot in the leg by Huang. But she redeems herself by ret-gone-ing herself in an attempt to save Hei because despite all of this, she still loves him. Aww. The sad thing? Hei pretty much just sees her as femme fetale. Ouch.

8.Yandere Most classic instance in this anime? Cute little Souseiseki-wannabe Maki going insane and trying to murder Hei because he doesn\'t like that Amber still loves said badass ninja man, and wants to rid himself of his \'rival\'. Yin could also be seen as this when she goes all \'Izanami\'.

9.Cute/Not-so Yin\'s little finger-helped smile in episode 11 was just freaking adorable. July\'s attempt (forced by Hei) in Ryuusei no Gemini? Not so much. Keep dreaming, kid.

10.Izanami Practically still Yin, gone yandere. Little adorable blind-doll has a dark side to her powers, and it involves making contractors kill themselves. The good part? She uses it to try and save Hei. Means she\'s not all bad in Ryuusei, just...psycho.

11.Tears Episode 14, poor little Yin. Or shall we say Kirsi? By the way, yes that is where I got my pen name. And yes, I practically live and breath DTB, but I have a life outside of it, I\'m just in that little fixated mode right now.

12.Bishounen Eh. Shown in the anime as a more masculine bishounen than most, Hei\'s still pretty damn sexy in the interquel and original manga, though the manga itself seems more bishounen than seinen.

13.Hei\'s gone Hobo Proven by his lack-luster towards still being Chinese Electric Batman, to the point of putting away his coat, mask and knives. Starts drinking and grows his hair out, along with a beard. Could it be just a ruse? Or does it have to do with Yin? Seeing as he, while being depowered, was thinking of her, could be.

14.Renumeration If you\'ve seen first season, or at least half-way through, you\'d be wondering why Hei doesn\'t seem to have a renumeration, or payment for his awesome, badass electric skillz. Food could have been one, but that\'s just him. It\'s because his sister, Pai, merged with him when Heaven\'s Gate went beserk. Thus, she paid his renumeration (which would have been sleeping, had he paid it himself) and therefore, he has no payment.

15.Aww The gentle way Hei and Yin interacted during the OVA. Cute, but totally misleading. Really, really misleading.

16.Pervert Seen in Ryuusei No Gemini, as Hei pins Suou obviously thinking that she\'s her brother, Shion to a wall and demands where the meteor fragment is before flipping her around and proceeding to search her, only for his hand to fall upon her (nonexistant) breast. Wow. Nice, Hei.

17.He\'s back Finally, after a long wait, Hei finally cuts his hair and shaves, even going to find his extra coat, knives and mask. Ladies and gentleman, I reintroduce Chinese Electric Batman into Ryuusei no Gemini.

18.Beating them off Really. Hei\'s so awesome (and hot) that he has to beat women off with a stick. Maybe not literally, but he\'s even got Yin, who\'s supposed to be an emotionless Doll, being as affectionate as she can be towards him.

19.Go-go Princess Tutu! Seriously. Suou\'s transformation when she\'s materializing her gun out of her chest is incredibly similiar to that of Tutu, even down to the naked body, long braid and stance.

20.Mirror, mirror Has anyone else noticed the similarites to CG? Both Hei and Lelouch have sister-complexes to the point of going beserk if anyone even tries to harm sissy-dearest. Well, Pai\'s dead, but that\'s beside the point. Both are incredibly smart and sexy, and both have issues with some greater force trying to get them to bow to whatever the Hell said force is trying to do. Like say...erase all contractors. Not to mention the similarities in both personality and appearance between Amber and C.C.

21.Captain Badass Hei, after episode two, seems to not have his powers anymore. But if you\'ll remember, he was called Black Reaper before he became a contractor.

22.Badass Soundtrack— GO Dark is explanation. Ryuusei No Gemini\'s soundtrack makes you want to take it to a rave and go untz untz untz.


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