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There are technically two writers to one name. Which is why there are two names in one penname. I\'m not going to pretend I did all the work. I thought I\'d let you know that two minds were used to create an awesome storyline.


Rated: 13+ | Warnings: None
Main Characters: Various
Genres: General | Story Types: Original FanFiction
Length: 3 chapter(s) / 17240 words | Complete: No

Summary: Technically a 'What If' story.
In the sands of Hueco Mundo, Barragan finds a woman who calls herself Atsuko. He takes her back to Las Noches, where things immediately begin to change with the arrival of this new arrancar. When Atsuko meets the most unlikely of friends, she begins to see the all the wrong, though to an arrancar, it is all right. And when she is put to the test, Atsuko has to deicde between what is more important; her beliefs or the destruction of the worlds.
Published: 06/20/10 | Updated: 08/02/10