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Name: Vicky (:
Age: 14
Birthday: September 6

Gender: Female.

Favorite Animes:
Black cat
Switch beat !
Vampire chibi
Prince of tennis
Death Note
I has so much more but Don\'t feel like naming them all. Those are just the ones that came from the top of my head (:

Favorite Pairings:
Etc, I\'m mostly an OC pairing person.


1. First off! What is your favorite school?

Seishun Gakuen.

2. Who is your favorite player?

Ryoma Echizen; when I first read a one shot on him, when I didn\'t even know about PoT, I totally fell in love with the character (:

3. What is your favorite tennis move?

Tezuka Zone, because in the Prince of Tennis - Two Samurai : The First Game, when I saw him use Tezuka zone and Dinosaurs came running towards the opponent with lava following the dinosaurs, I ROFLED so hard.

4. Who is your favorite doubles pair?

The Golden Pair

5. What is your favorite tennis game in the series (who vs. who)?


6. What is your least favorite school?


7. Who is your least favorite player?

I\'m not sure, they all have at least one qualitie that makes me like them.

8. What is your least favorite tennis move?

Twist spin shot, Poor Yuuta D:

9. Who is your least favorite doubles pair?


10. What is your least favorite tennis game in the series (who vs. who)?

Not sure.

11. Favorite pair (homosexual or straight)? Why?

I, don\'t know. I mean, Ryoma and Sakuno are like cute looking together. But something, just makes me want to scoff at them. Maybe cause they look so cute together?

12. Least favorite pair (homosexual or straight)? Why?

Tezuka and Ryoma, their relationship is a F R I E N D S H I P bond that was tied by their passion of tennis.

1. Any crack pairing/s?

Not that I know of, or could think of at the moment.

14. Any weird pairing/s?


15. Favorite story arc (Kantou Tournament, Nationals)?

Gah, I don\'t know. Every part of the story ties together to make the whole thing so god damn favorited.

16. Favorite catchphrase?

Mada Mada Dane, I like to use it on my friends, and they\'d always be like D:

17. Favorite TeniMyu?

The first one ever made, cause the first cast. It\'s just like the first generation, I was so sad when they kept changing cast every new Tenimyu.

18. Least Favorite TeniMyu?

I don\'t have one.

19. Favorite TeniPuri Family and episode?


10. Least Favorite TeniPuri Family and episode?


21. Favorite Soundtrack?

Ichigan by Ryoma and Yakusoku by Ryoma.

22. Least Favorite Soundtrack?

That one song by Kaidoh, I forgot the name but its weird...I kept on hearing \" I WANNA BE A NAUGHTY BOY.\"

23. Best Filler Episode?N/A

24. Crappiest Filler Episode?



1. Do you believe in the Ryoma/Sakuno Theory?

I feel as though it\'s only one sided love.

2. Do you think Atobe is gay?


3. Is the Rikkaidai Captain the bottom in his \'relationship\' with his Vice-Captain?

Lol, who knows?

4. Are all doubles players in love with their respective partners?

LOL, Most definitely.

5. Is there any team that can beat Seigaku?

Don\'t know.

6. Is Jirou a narcoleptic?


7. Can Kabaji speak?

Yeah, he just doesn\'t want to?

8. Why is Sengoku \'Lucky\'?

I don\'t really know...Maybe he eats lucky charms every morning?

9. Does Dan like Akutsu?

I think so?

10. Does Horio really have \'two years of tennis experience\'?

I have to say...yes. He just didn\'t have enough experience to play good.

11. Is TeniMyu crap or just plain brilliant?

Bloody brilliant.

12. Is Fuji really in love with his buchou?

Lawlz, I would sometimes think so.

13. Should PoT be a shounen-ai anime?

LOL, it\'s like mostly about boys...I mean, if I was a boy and I attended Seigaku, I don\'t think I would be able to resist the guys in the tennis team. (;


1. Seigaku, Rikkai, Hyotei, Rokkaku, Yamabuki, St. Rudolph, Fudoumine, Shitenhouji, St. Rudolph, Josei Shonan or Higa?


2. Golden Pair (Eiji/Oishi) or Silver Pair (Shishido/Ootori)?


3. Sakuno Ryuzaki or Ann Tachibana?


4. Sanada, Atobe or Tezuka?


5. MomoRyo or RyoSakuno?


6. Royal (Atobe/Ryoma) or Imperial (Tezuka/Atobe)?


7. MomoRyo or KaidohInui?


8. Left-handed player or right-handed player?

Left-handed player

9. Tango (Sanada/Atobe) or Waltz (Yukimura/Atobe)?

None...I just found crack pairings...


1. List all of the Characters you\'ve fallen for.

Ryoma, Fuji, Kikumaru, and Tezuka.

2. List all the moves that you wished you could do.

Every move, I\'d like to like DOMINATE everyone, especially Ryoma. So when I beat him, I\'d smirk and point my racket to him dramatically, saying three words.

\"Mada Mada Dane.\" (: I\'d probably make a bet with him that if I win, I\'d get his white hat :D

3. Pick ONE character that you would like to meet in person.

Ryoma Echizen.

4. Any crossovers in mind?

Maybe Ouran High School, maybe they\'d know Atobe then BAM it\'s be like shounen-ai.

5. Any lookalike in other anime?

There was this japanese movie called, \"Battery.\" When I saw the main character, I was like ROFLMAO, is that ryoma\'s twin brother that loves baseball instead.

6. Which tennis match showdown would you die to see?

Don\'t know.

7. Any person you would like to have a match with?

I\'m competitive, So I\'d probabaly challenge anyone strong.

8. The schools you want to be a part of the tennis club.

Seigaku, their bonds shine out the most to me.

9. What do you like about PoT?

I love the bonds they have, it\'s so amazing to have such great friends. That\'s how I wish my school life was, to be so carefree and have something to look forward everyday. There\'s not much romance in PoT, so that\'s kind of a bummer...

10. Why is PoT the best anime there is?

There\'s something special about it, It\'s undescribable, but it\'s there. I can feel it, but I can\'t name it.

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Prince of Tennis

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: None
Main Characters: Original Character(s)
Genres: Romance | Story Types: None
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 2939 words | Complete: No

Summary: Pale arms drapped around her shoulders, attempting to comfort her as she glided her fingers over the keys. A melancholy sound filled the once hollow room, reminding her of him. Sliver eyes stared as the tears glittered down her face. Ryoma x OC
Published: 06/30/10 | Updated: 07/16/10

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