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Yo. Doctor Moyashi here~ ...Yeah, I know I fail. xD Currently I\'m in a dorkphase with Hetalia & Doctor Who..pretty much. Have any questions, just ask~

Favourite Characters & Pairings; 
Allen[DGM], Timothy[DGM], Wisely[DGM], Tyki[DGM], Road[DGM], Soul[Soul Eater], Maka[Soul Eater], Death the Kidd[Soul Eater], Chrona[Soul Eater], America[Hetalia], England[Hetalia], Canada[Hetalia], France[Hetalia], France[Hetalia], Spain[Hetalia], Prussia[Hetalia], Sealand[Hetalia], Russia[Hetalia], Poland[Hetalia], Denmark[Hetalia] Near[Death Note], Matt[Death Note], Oz[Pandoa Hearts], Gilbert[Pandora Hearts], Break[Pandora Hearts], Lag[Tegami Bachi], Gauche[Tegami Bachi], Ichigo[Bleach], Rukia[Bleach], Grimmjow[Bleach], Hitsugaya[Bleach], Sebastian[Kuroshitsuji], Ciel[Kuroshitsuji], Grell[Kuroshitsuji]
[Ah. There\'s so many for Hetalia. But I\'ll just list favorites~]
USUK[Hetalia], FrUK[Hetalia], RussAmerica[Hetalia], AmeriJapan[Hetalia], RomaSpain[Hetalia], FrancisJeanne[Hetalia], RussAnastasia[Hetalia], AustriMarie[Hetalia], AmeriAmelia[Hetalia], SoulMaka[Soul Eater], IchiRuki[Bleach], IchiSenna[Bleach] annndd.. Yeah. Mostly OCs or inserts for other anime/manga \'n such.

I do take requests, ideas, etc. Whether canon, oc, anything really.  I don\'t bite. xD

Currently Working On;

Boats & Birds[Hetalia]AmeriJapan-- Planning

Punching Bag[Hetalia]USUK-- Not started

Rhinovirus[Hetalia]RussAmerica-- Plottin-- -coughs- Planning

And tons of other drabbles and shiz. Yup.


Rated: All | Warnings: Angst, Fluff, OOC, Product of High Sugar Intake
Main Characters: None
Genres: Angst, Fluff, Friendship, Other | Story Types: One Shot, Reader Insert
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 593 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: Once upon a time, the sky had a star.


Published: 07/06/10 | Updated: 07/17/10

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