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My penname is Raven Silvertongue, but my name is Joshua. So please call me that.

I am a girl by gender, but I act more like a boy. I love my boyfriend Al Rosewater more than pretty much anyone else. Even if he drives me nuts sometimes.

I like writing stories and making websites. I have a ton of stories going right now, and I\'m really close to finishing a couple of them. Most of my sites are RP sites.

I love role-playing, but I usually don\'t do it much anymore. When I do, it\'s with my boyfriend. Though I have always wanted to do something in a thread with pretty posts and stuff...

I love graphic design, and would almost like to do it as a career. However, my mom says I\'m too smart to spend my life on art. She\'s probably right. But I have no interest in brain jobs.

My BF says I should be a Lawyer, since I argue like nobody\'s business. But I argue (lol) that everyone hates lawyers.

I talk a lot. People say I yell a lot, but I just happen to have a loud voice.

I don\'t talk about much. I like to fill the void of silence with bull shit nonsense which gives little to no indication to how I\'m thinking or feeling.

I don\'t forgive or forget. When a person hurts me, I move on. I smile, and hide how angry I still am. I hold a grudge like a son of a bitch.

I\'m not a nice person, I\'m not honest. I\'m me. And I\'m happy with who I am.

Isn\'t that all that matters?

Romance, Supernatural & Horror, Fantasy, Comedy & Humor

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Genres: Angst, Comedy, Dark Fantasy, Death, Fantasy, Fluff, Gay Romance, Humor, Lemon, Lime, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Tragedy | Story Types: Death-Fic, Lemon
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 1216 words | Complete: No

Summary: When Whisper first met Himitsu, he just intended for the pretty boy to be his pet, nothing more. He never meant to get so attached to him. Just as Himitsu never meant to let Whisper get so close.
Published: 08/04/10 | Updated: 08/17/10