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I\'m Fujihara1. I\'m 16 with a love of anime, music, and yummy Japanese food. That is all.


Rated: Adult | Warnings: Adult Situations, Drug References, Emotional Abuse, Erotica, Explicit Material, Sexual Situations
Main Characters: Reader, Various
Genres: Lemon, Lime, Romance, Tragedy | Story Types: Collection, Lemon, One Shot, Reader Insert
Length: 2 chapter(s) / 2304 words | Complete: No

Summary: Here's a collection of one shots I've written about Kuroshitsuji characters over the years.
Published: 12/16/15 | Updated: 01/05/16

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Strong Language
Main Characters: Anri Sonohara, Celty Sturluson, Izaya Orihara, Mikado Ryuugamine, Reader, Shizuo Heiwajima
Genres: Action, Comedy, Romance | Story Types: General, Reader Insert
Length: 4 chapter(s) / 7310 words | Complete: No

Summary: You returned to a town you hated to deal with situations you detested and people you wished you could forget. Even so, you couldn't deny that you were having fun.
Published: 07/31/10 | Updated: 08/16/10

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Adult Situations, Mature Content
Main Characters: Kaito, Reader, You
Genres: General, Romance | Story Types: General, Lemon, Reader Insert
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 2666 words | Complete: No

Summary: A Collection of fics about KAITO.
Published: 07/15/10 | Updated: 07/24/10
BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Adult Situations, Crude Humor
Main Characters: Reader, Ryusuke ("Ray") Minami, Tsunemi Chiba, Yoshiyuki Taira, Yuji ("Saku") Sakurai, Yukio ("Koyuki") Tanaka
Genres: Romance | Story Types: Reader Insert
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 829 words | Complete: No

Summary: It's been three years since you walked away from a chaotic relationship with Ryuusuke Minami. Now your worlds have suddenly collided again.
Beware of Song Titles for Chapter Titles
Maybe slightly AU, slightly OOC, but a good read none the less
Published: 02/13/12 | Updated: 03/11/12