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Hey there. I\'m Justina. Remember my name ;D.
Well, I previously had, like, a bunch written but none of it saved. Wonderful, I know right?
I\'m such an insomniac, and will go walking at 1:00 in the morning, just because.
Writing isn\'t my hobby, it\'s my life, my goal, my reason to live! Maybe we can relate on that? Maybe not.
I swear I can literally inhale a whole gallon of chocolate ice-cream in one night, parked in front of the Tv on the recliner, Lol.
Music is my key inspiration and idea machine. Thanks a bunchels to: Parralox, Theatre of Tragedy, Marilyn Manson, My Chemical Romance (sighs, Gerard ^_^!), some Basshunter, The Birthday Massacre, Animal Alpha, Cinema Strange, The Cure, Jeffree Star (particular scenes ;P), Sleeping With Sirens, Watchout! There\'s Ghosts, A Skylit Drive, Eyes Set To Kill, some Escape the Fate (mostly pro Ronnie), Iwatchedherdie, NIRVANA, DEF LEPPARD, PAT BENATAR, SCORPIANS, MOTLEY CREW, TWISTED SISTER. Ya, so I\'m obsessed with the 80s & those guys are basically fucking amazing. They\'re in caps for a reason. Oh, and if you love a good, sad song, I\'ve got one for you. Try, When The Children Cry by White Lion. Yes, they\'re from the 80s too. I can\'t help it.
HEARTS: Reading, writing, singing, sleeping, eating candy corn, manga, scary movies, goregrind, 80s (if you havent figured it out yet ;p), friends, sketching, finding new bands, colored ink, hot chocolate, chocolate in general, brainstorming, ideas that come on their own, The Lost Boys (vampire movie that is totally UN-cliched, sort of), YOU!
TEARS: Depression, Emos, Heart-break, failure, red meat, zuccini, gaining weight, books with ugly fonts, brown snow, hypocrites, HOMOPHOBES, racists, assumptions, Michael Jackson, pretty ponies, loners, modern day pop music.
OKAY, chat me up???
I love meeting new people, and I might be a bit socially retarded but I swear Im easy to get along with, LOL.
Here, you could talk to me about: Harry Potter, guys, movies, shows, Eskimokissproject, gay rights, music, chocolate, books, WRITING. Or whatever, you know?
I just like to, Talk.
Also, I would love to commerse with people about their writitng, as well as mine. I love getting a look into another writer\'s mind. It\'s. . .intoxicating for me to have another to talk with about writing, because I only have one friend interested in it, so that blows.
: D