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Somi: Hey! This will be my name for as long as I am referring to myself. Message me or email me at if you know why I\'m calling myself that (It\'s fairly easy, trust me.). Oh! And this is my writing partner. This is Haku. Say hello, Haku.
Haku: ...I can\'t believe that you dragged me onto Lunaescence too. Why couldn\'t you have just left me on
Somi: As I said on, it\'s cause you\'re fun. Now introduce yourself.
Haku: I\'m Haku-
Haku: *stares, returns to story* I was kidnapped from my home and brought here. I-
Haku: *glares, can\'t take Somi seriously with stupid grin on face, sighs* If someone can dial 9-1-1 for me, I\'m a bit tied up at the moment. *is hanging from ceiling by duct tape* (HAH! YOU EXPECTED HIM TO BE TIED UP WITH REAL ROPE! Never underestimate a person with a suspected form of mild ADD.)
Somi: Now, on a more serious note, I must tell you a few things about myself:
1: I update quickly.
2: I approve of so very few pairings. I\'m sorry, but I find made up pairings illogical.
3: Sometimes, I screw with even pronounced and official pairings for my own purposes. That\'s the way I work sometimes.
4: I will do requests (one-shots only please. . I\'m sorry, but I can\'t write an entire series with nothing more than a request, as much as I may want to), but it may take me a little while, especially if I am unfamiliar with the character.
5: I am going to work my way up the hard things, not start with them.
6: I mostly do self insertions or reader inserts. Putting in more than one original character is something rare for me.
7: If you do not like one of my stories, PLEASE review it, message me, or send me an email. Any of them are just as convenient as the other. I will not bash you, rate yours badly, give you a bad review, or any of that junk. I will be respectful and accepting.
Oh, and about my Greek Mythology series, don\'t read it thinking that it says something about Percy Jackson. I\'ve been interested in Greek Mythology since I was little.
I really dislike when people think that they know about the gods just because they read a little recently made book about it.
Haku: And that is Somi\'s rant for the day.

Greek Mythology

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: None
Main Characters: Original Character(s)
Genres: Drama | Story Types: Mythology
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 460 words | Complete: No

Summary: Everyone has a weakness, right? For the gods, it's usually women. But what happens when not one, not two, but ALL of the Greek gods invade the life of one half-god? Read and Review, please! And enjoy, my dear readers! WARNING: RATING MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
Published: 12/02/10 | Updated: 12/06/10

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