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My current goal in my writing career is to write a multi-chapter reader-insert in second person with character development. Of the reader that is. Because I see so many stories lack it these days, I will make it an EQUAL-YAOI relationship story.

Too many times have I seen wimpy, weepy, bratty, tsundere like \"ukes\". Or controlling, violent, rapist type \"semes\" (by the way, rape NEVER equals love, go read some real accounts of rape victims). In fact, I am TIRED of this stereotype. I can\'t believe how many stories are like this, always one partner \"topping\" and the other always \"bottoming\". One always dominating while the other is everything beyond degrading. And don\'t get me started on the \"feminization\" of characters (in fanfiction- gosh darn-it, Cloud isn\'t some wimpy ass who cries twenty-four seven!).

Many gay couples do switch positions once in a while, okay?

So my promise to all: If I were to write romance, the people (lesbians, gays, straights, others) in the relationships will always be in EQUAL footing to one another.

(Equal relationship in straight romance? Oh.. it is possible. Definitely. No more save-it-all princes and always-need-to-be-saved princesses.)

Also, I really don\'t understand how some of you work. Some of you actually are promoting domestic violence. If one character use any physical violence against another (like girlfriends punching boyfriends, or \"ukes\" socking \"semes\"), what can it be but domestic violence? Here is an example: Many of you laugh when the guy/seme accidentally touches the girl/uke in a certain place, and the girl/uke slaps the guy/seme. But when the opposite happens, girl/uke accidentally touches the guy/seme in a certain place, and the guy/seme slaps her -- it\'s foul play. Why, people, why!? That is discrimination. It is NOT funny.

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