Member Profile: CombatBaby
Name: CombatBaby
Alias: Laura
Status: Member
Join Date: 11/16/10
Last Logged In: 01/15/13
Skin: Shinigami_HPB
Contact: LauraTheAvenger MSN IM Yahoo IM
Hey, I\'m Laura.
I\'m 20.
Music is my life, and yes, I do frequently burst out in song.
I\'m really opinionated.
My big mouth usually gets me into trouble, but nothing I can\'t handle.
I\'m told I\'m wise beyond my years.
I\'m insanely vulgar.
Platypus, wolves, polar bears, foxes, and octopus are my favorite animals.
I really want Vincent Valentine\'s babies.
I\'m a lover, not a fighter...
...but I will fight for what I love.
I\'m going to Hell in a giftbasket.
My Sins include Sloth, Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, and Envy...
...but mostly Envy and Sloth.
I\'m one of those hot nerds.
I can\'t sleep without the company of my stuffed polar bear, Snow.
I RP a lot.
I don\'t really know what reality is anymore.
I have Acmephobia.
I\'m a professional in the field of Anthropological Interactive Observations.
(Stalking is such an ugly word and it\'s not stalking unless you hide in a tree/bush.)
I drown my sorrows in raspberry tea.
Sometimes I\'m a Grammar Nazi.
I swear I\'m a friendly person.
I think anything is good drowned in Italian dressing.
Burping is my stress relief.
Clumsiness and awkwardness are what most people know me for.
I\'m definitely not a role-model.
I guess I can\'t blame people for judging me.
I despise shoes.
I\'m very self-depreciating.
I envy you.
I can quote every word of The Lion King.
I have an abnormal obsession with tea sets.
Milk is my crack.

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