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I live with my father and my stepmother! I have 3 siblings; my older brother and then my step sister and brother. My mother lives in Nevada, she\'s a CNA and works lot of hours, to tell you the truth I don\'t like her as a person, but love her a mother, she loves me but not the kind of love I want from her. But, oh well, I\'ll get over always do! Lets see.....I\'m an Aries, I have a bf, and I have lots of friends! I love to sing, dance, read (I\'ll read anything poetic - anime), and write poetry! I guess that\'s all for now!!! Ja mata, Bye!

Poetry & Song

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Summary: Her parents left each other,
His father found him a stepmother.
She always calls her mother, no answer,
He goes sees his every other day.
Every child cries but...
We sometimes suffer more.
One crying girl,
One lonely boy.
Both almost sharing the same story,
Same pain
Published: 11/27/10 | Updated: 12/01/10