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Name: On a need to know basis and you don\'t need to know. But if you must know, it’s Tiffany
Location: The Kingdom of Plutonia (I\'m princess ^^)
Age: 17
Aspiration: To be the official Korean English translater for DBSK or some other Kpop band

*About Me*
I love to read, draw, write, watch Korean dramas, and play video games. I have a very short attention span which leads to me forgetting things very often. I have a hard time focusing on things which leads to me writing one story, only to come up with another, and completely forget about the other for a while. This happens repeatedly which causes a massive story back up.

So far in my life I have completed only two fanfics, one of them being a one-shot. The other will be added once it’s typed and a title is decided. I have a hard time ending things so my fanfics seem to go on forever, but I tend to just go with it. An end will come when it wants to. (Or so I hope.)

My favorite anime would have to be Yu Yu Hakusho, and it’s the very first manga series I’ve actually set out to complete. My favorite bishounen would have to be Kurama. I’ve fallen in love with him, and one after I get a magic move-from-dimension-to-dimension travel-thingy, I plan on going to his dimension and stalk him relentlessly. Or at least threaten to tell the world all his darkest secrets if he doesn’t go out with me. I’m just kidding I would never do that to Kurama. Or would I? Don’t worry I wouldn’t.

I love rock music. My favorite bands include Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (they‘re the ones that taught me how to spell apparatus), Bullet For My Valentine, Blue October, Metro Station, Panic! At The Disco, Boys Like Girls, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, All American Rejects, Plain White T’s, Three Days Grace, and many more.

My all-time favorite “living bishi”would have to be Kim “Hero” Jaejoong, of DBSK/Tohoshinki/TVXQ/DBSG. He is my obsession, and I have taken it upon myself to decide who it is that deserves the hotness that is the members of the aforementioned group. While also defending there sexuality from jealous friends who are angry that they don’t have guys as hot as them *types the last part of the sentence loudly, while looking pointedly at Pineapple*

I’d have to say my favorite pass-time is listening to music and reading a book. The only books I can read at a nonstop pace, are vampire, werewolf, faerie with an ‘e’, and other books about ‘mythological’ creatures (I know they exist, I don’t care what the government says).

And in case you guys didn’t know Pineapple is one of my best friends nicknames, it’s pronounced penny a(as in cat)play, she got it, and I know people want to know…they always do…, when I was bored and came up with another way to pronounce ‘pineapple’ I was telling her when I realized it sounded like a name, and it’s stuck ever since.

My fanfics include:
I’ve just completed chapter 5 recently, and plan to have it up as soon as I type it up.

I’ve already finished it, I just need to get a title and finish typing it up.

Seize the Day

And random one-shot songfics for Hate Me by Blue October, Cat and Mouse by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

Currently Obsessing Over
Taylor Made by Potty Mouth Sissies
Ghost Hunters

Yes! I\'m officialy married to Jaejoong!!!

Certificate of Marriage

This is to certify that
Kim Jaejoong
were married on
November 05, 2008
Marry Your Favorite Character

Yu Yu Hakusho

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: None
Main Characters: Kurama, Reader, You
Genres: Angst, Comedy, Fluff | Story Types: Reader Insert
Length: 5 chapter(s) / 13575 words | Complete: No

Summary: You are sixteen and live alone. Your parents died when you were 12 and you have lived alone ever since. It gets lonely but school is far worse. You have an abusive boyfriend, and aren’t allowed to talk to anyone. If you even tried he would know. It was as if he had spies everywhere. The only light in your life is Kurama, your little secret. He was the one who made you smile again. Allowed you to talk. But what happens when your ‘boyfriend’ finds out?
Published: 03/01/07 | Updated: 03/03/08
Yu Yu Hakusho

Rated: All | Warnings: None
Main Characters: None
Genres: None | Story Types: One Shot, Reader Insert
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 4266 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: You are married to Kurama. You have a great life and everything is going fine. You have a two year old daughter who you love more then anything else. Everything is going fine until that fateful day on that dark summer night. Want to know what happened? Read this story to find out.

Pairing: YouXKurama
Published: 04/05/07 | Updated: 04/13/07

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