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Hello all! My name is Wea (pronounced WEE-UH, with a long E sound followed by a short A sound). My life-goal is to one day rule the world with the aide of a council made up of my most trusted friends. Earn my favor, and one day I may grant you a small country to oversee for me. Only a small one, because I\'ve already promised most of the big ones to other people.

I\'m an avid anime and manga fan. I\'m not going to try to list my favorites, because I know it will take a helluva long time.

I enjoy playing video games. I tend to enjoy RPGs, simulation games, and puzzle games best. Two of my favorite series are Ace Attorney and Professor Layton.

I like to crochet. Most of my projects have consisted of small dolls and stuffed animals, but lately I\'ve been trying to branch out into more practical projects, like clothing.

I love animals. Past pets have included a white poodle named Gabe, a yorkie/poodle mix named Arrow, a ferret named Ginko, and several fish including two betas named Ferdinand and Captain Jack Sparrow. I\'m currently obsessed with giraffes because of Kaku from One Piece. Hee-hee~

I have a special fondness for novelty t-shirts and socks, plushies, Broadway musicals, animated Disney films, and sweets.