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A bit about muah~:
Emeliene aka Tonka
Age: 22
Nationality: French-Irish

Currently working on:
Bite Me : in progress
oc x Renji Abarai
Twiddly Little Tid Bits : in progress
reader/oc x various
Stranger : not yet created/in progress
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HR Department : not yet created/in progress
oc/oc x Byakuya Kuchiki/Renji Abarai
Drabble oc/oc x various

Characters of a mad-woman:
Note: These are characters I've created; I hope they give you some insight while reading.

Name: Toshio Watori
Gender: Female
Height: 4'8"
Weight: 82lbs
Hair: Soft blonde that reaches to her lower back, the ends cascade in a wavy flow from her shoulder blades on.
Eyes: Breathtaking scarlet red, with a dark red outlining the iris with a thin line, and a piercing orange that surrounds the pupil and dissolved into the red abyss.
Appearance: Adorned in the usual shihakusho uniform, but the bottoms are normally tied tight to her lower calves with red ribbons. As for her feet, it was usually a black pair of tabi (socks) or no covering at all.
Rank: 3rd seat of the 6th division.
Personality: Sharp, witty, cunning, clever, mischievous, comedic, sexual, cute, sweet, sarcastic, mean (at times), temperamental, lover of all seasons, can be perverted and abrasive.
Other: Her tongue is pierced.
Zanpakuto: Kasai No Sākuru (火災のサークル) (meaning: "Fire circle")
Reiatsu: A fiery red color with a pure white outline.
Kasai No Sākuru’s spirit form:
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Hair: Bewildering red that was wild and kissed below the nape of his neck. (Think Shuuhei Hisagi when he was in the academy.)
Eyes: Deep purple that would captivate you into a loving trance for him.
Appearance: He wears nothing but the bottoms to his shihakusho; hakama, I believe. That is held tight to his defined hips by a purple sash. Adorning his neck is a silver chain that reaches down to his navel with beads that connect the loose sides in the middle of his chest. (Hard to describe)
Personality: Suave, sexual, cocky, tempting, cunning, clever, irresistible, comedic, caring to Toshio only, seductive, ladies’ man, likes to entice women.
Other: Shares the same tongue piercing as Toshio.
Appears in Stirred Up Hornets’ Nest and a few drabbles. NOTE: NOT YET CREATED


Name: Fuji Hikana
Gender: Female
Height: 4'4"
Weight: 82lbs
Hair: Strawberry blonde with black tips, her hair reaching her shoulders; a natural curl twisting into cork-screws.
Eyes: Bright turquoise.
Appearance: The usual shihakusho uniform.
Rank: New captain of the 9th division.
Personality: Soft, nice, caring, outspoken, happy, obedient, respectful, and hopeful.
Other: Always wears a silver anklet with a four leaf clover adorning it.
Zanpakuto: Shi No Ibuki (死の息吹) (Meaning: "Death Breath")
Reiatsu: Piercing white with a mint green outline.
Shi No Ibuki's spirit form:
Gender: Male & Female
Height: 5'10" & 5'1"
Hair: Shorter black hair that feathers around the males face in a shaggy fashion; long black locks that stay dangerously straight with blunt bangs that make the females eyes flare.
Eyes: Both have eyes of black with yellow irises like a hollow.
Appearance: The male wears a school uniform but with a black button up shirt and a red tie with black dress pants, and the female wears a girl’s uniform that’s black instead of gray and a red bow.
Personality: Vicious, cunning, rude, brutal, hateful, dangerous, ravenous, beastly, heartless, deadly.
Other: Both are connected together by a simple red string that ties them together by their pinkies.
Appears in Crooked. NOTE: NOT YET CREATED


Name: Kaora "Scout" Madara
Gender: Female
Height: 4'9"
Weight: 70lbs.
Hair: Sandy blonde, with soft brown on the top layers of her hair. It reaches down to her mid-back with choppy layers varying in length.
Eyes: Soft Irish green that sparkles a golden color in the sunlight.
Appearance: The usual shihakusho uniform, with the bottoms normally tied tight to her lower calves with black ribbon.
Rank: 3rd seat in the 6th division.
Personality: Devious, playful, mischievous, childish, comedic, talented, strong-willed, ambitious, and quite happy.
Other: A soft coating of freckles over her nose and cheeks making her look even younger than she really is, she also has industrial piercings, in both ears, one is vertical (left ear) and the other is the traditional (right ear); her tongue is also pierced. On the back of her neck, she has a tattoo that says 'Infinite'. Many scars decorate her person, such as the three large claw marks that come from her side and end just before her navel on her stomach.
Zanpakuto: Sunōenjeru (スノーエンジェル) (meaning: "Snow angel")
Reiatsu: Ice white with an electric blue outline.
Sunōenjeru's spirit form:
Gender: Male
Height: 4'5"
Hair: Soft white that reaches the nape of his neck. (Looks like Shinji Hirako's)
Eyes: Peppery light gray that makes you shiver.
Appearance: Small petite looking boy; wears an all white shihakusho uniform with a cat choker around his neck that has bells on it. The legs of his uniform are tied tight to his calves like Kaora's except his are tied all the way to his knees with bells adorning the white bows that are made from the ribbon at its knees. Also has a white slightly fluffy thick cat tail.
Personality: Cold, playful, mean, devious, harsh, ruthless, icy.
Other: Has the same tattoo on the back of his neck that Kaora has. 'Infinite'.
Appears in Bite Me.


Name: Zeniira (ZEN-ear-ah) Aizen
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 99lbs.
Hair: Chocolaty dark brown that’s wavy and curly as it travels down the length of her hair to her shoulders.
Eyes: Silvery light blue in the right and a gentle yet devious brown in the left.
Appearance: Wears anything her father has for her, nothing on a regular basis.
Rank: N/A - visored created by Sosuke Aizen when she was a young child
Personality: Playful, tender, friendly, easily motivated, energetic, curious, lively, respectful, gracious, hopeful, delightful, powerful, sincere.
Other: Was taken from the soul society as a young child when Aizen felt a spiritual pressure within her. From there, Aizen took his genetics as well as Gin Ichimaru's and gave them to Zeniira to create a being more powerful than his Arrancar army. Within the process of training her to be a soul reaper, Aizen began her hollowfication when she was ready to control the power within her.
Zanpakuto: Does not know the name of her Zanpakuto
Reiatsu: Golden amber
____\'s spirit form:
Gender: Male
Height: 6’1”
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Glowing silvery blue
Appearance: Looks as if he wears a shihakusho but can’t tell.
Personality: Quiet, mischievous, wise.
Other: Zeniira has only seen him in her dreams and can never see his features but only his eyes through the darkness because whenever she sees him, he is standing in front of a light.
Appears in Stranger.


Name: Izo Yusuke
Gender: Female
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 99lbs
Hair: Peachy blonde with pink undertones; straight bangs with one corkscrew curl down the middle with shoulder blade length curls and waves down the rest of the hair.
Eyes: Crystal diamond blue
Appearance: Typical black shihakusho
Rank: SR (Seireitei Recourses) Department
Personality: Spontaneous, bitchy, easily distracted, easily amused, temperamental, spacey, intelligent, aggressive, sexual, boyish, threatening, stubborn, emotionally unstable, quirky, protective, relentless, vengeful, loud, messy, comedic, tease.
Other: Never give sugar, for any reason what so ever.
Zanpakuto: Shi ītā (死イーター) (meaning: "Death Eater")
Reiatsu: Daisy yellow with a turquoise outline.
Shi ītā's spirit form:
Gender: Male
Height: 6’4”
Hair: Long luxurious turquoise locks braided down his back.
Eyes: Soft yellow like a cat.
Appearance: Formal kimono that loosely hangs from his toned body; always falling from his shoulder to reveal his rippling torso.
Personality: Dark, aggressive, sexual, nonchalant, pouty, stubborn.
Other: Goes absolutely insane if Izo eats sugar.
Appears in HR Department.

There will be more characters added, patience is a virtue.


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Summary: Actions of a young soul reaper lead down a rocky emotional roller coaster when she falls in love with a red headed stallion. Focused on her own trials and tribulations, the universe around her plots a devious plan that will turn the Soul Society on it's head.

Published: 01/07/11 | Updated: 07/24/11

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Length: 5 chapter(s) / 1404 words | Complete: No

Summary: [Reader (OC) xVarious]

In the short little drabbles, a character of mine will have fun or sexy happenings with the characters of various animes! I hope you enjoy!
Published: 01/27/11 | Updated: 03/08/11

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