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Net Coolio- You\'ve been warned. I\'ve been warned. What do you want from me? I have nothing to give but juicy fanfics. If you can\'t handle this you must leave my profile because I don\'t like flames. Bashing is so stupid I pray to God every morning not to break my computure. Guess what I\'m here now in the flesh. So don\'t flame people \'cause your a hater. My goons and I will find you and make you wish you never wrote those stupid comments.

Favorite Quotes_____________________________________

I may look calm, but in my head, I\'ve killed you three times.

I love listening to lies, when I know the truth.

Dear Lord, please give me the strength to not slap an idiot today...Amen

I understand girls talk behind my back...
&& the thing is, im real and thats something they lack.

My name must taste good! It\'s always in someone\'s mouth

Speak well of your enemies - You were the one who made them!

To all you haters - Do what you do.
I sure as hell ain\'t gonna waste my time on YOU!

Hating on a certain name
Only gives them the fame.