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hey there

im a girls who is obsessed with anime and is currently in love with the anime katekyo hitman reborn

i love writing and drawing

i will take any requests on anime even lemons

some of the animes and shows i have watched and will write on are

Kaze no stigma:Kazuma

gravitation: yuki, ryuchi

glee: finn, puck, sam

harry potter:draco, hermione

code geass:lelouch,suzaku

vampire knight: zero, kaname, ichigo, ichiru


shugo chara: ikuto, tadasa- ikuto and amu so should be together

skip beat Ren, kyoko, sho - ren x kyoko all the way sho can live lonely hahahaha

inuyasha: sesshomaru, koga, inuyasha

kyo kara maoh: wolfram, yuri

junjo romantica: all!!!

full metal panic:souske

full metal alchemist: roy, edward, alphonse

kirepapa: ALL!!

chibi vampire: ren

loveless: ritsuka

gundam series: setsuna,kira,athrun,shinn,lockon

neo angelique abyss:rayne

la corda d\'oro:ALL

prince of tennis:all

tsubasa: syoran, fai

black butler: SEBBY and lets face it their all awesome :D

pandora hearts: gil, oz

Reborn: hibari


princess princess:all

devil may cry: dante

black blood brothers:all

katekyo hitman reborn: hibari,gokudera,mukuro and other if requested

and many more

i mostly do character x oc but i can try ones where you put character with other characters :D

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