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- March, 22nd: Profile update


Name: Aaliyah
Nicknames: Liyah, Sassy A, Katsuki no Yakushia.
Birthday: 17th April
Age: 15
Origin: Half-Caribbean.
Living in: United States.
Status: Single.
Hobbies: Reading novels.
Languages: Patois (mother tongue), English (perfect) and Ukrainian (failed)

Forever loves:
Food(s): Rice, Ramen...
Drawing(s):... Um?
Language(s): Isn’t it obvious? English. =)
Animal(s): Puppies.
Ice-cream flavor: Vanilla / Strawberry.
Object(s): Her bed.

Current Interests:
Character(s): Atobe Keigo (PoT), Itachi (Naruto), Sasuke (same) and Hibari Kyoya (KHR).
Comic(s): None.
Anime(s)/ Manga(s): Reimei No Arcana
Band(s): Paramore.
Food(s): None.
Fish(es): Salmon
Song(s): None.
Author(s): None.
Book(s): Pual Lagan. The Fallen.
Movie(s): None.
Game(s): None.

Current Rants:
Character(s): Sakura!
Fanfiction(s): Just The Way We Like It - I try my best to edit and improve, but I fear it is no good.
Song(s): None.
Other(s): SLEEP! I NEED SLEEP!!!
-Current Working:


- Togetherness, Spicy, Unique, Lovely, Accurate (aka: TSULA)
Summary: Have yet to be written.

Pairing: NARUTO – Aburame Shino, Inuzuka Kiba, Sabaku no Gaara, Tenten.

- Just The Way We Like It.
Summary: So sad to see you go so soon. I know that you ain\'t coming back. In the beginning everything was cool. Toward the end of it all it\'s all bad. I know I played my part in making it what it is. And I know that you did the same. I guess I\'m up outta here. I\'m moving on again. I\'m sure that you will understand. I play by the rules. You play by the game. I couldn\'t of stayed. It\'s easier to say. Cause I was by your side. When you went through the pain.

Itachi-x-Reader-x-Sasuke [Uchiha cliché - INCEST]

- My King!
Summary: It was only a game until it became something more.

Shikamaru-x-Reader. [Being on Hold]

[Going back to the beginning]


- \"Welcome to 3065 year,
take a plane, come with me, and I will tell you what does this world hold. Your perfect lover, in every shape and form. You can even have a child with him... thanks to the progress of science. (And their talent to code a DNA similar to the robot\'s appearance) I, [full name], have been one of those children. My mother, being Kronos Heaven\'s CEO, has a ton of robots for her... whether it\'s maid, butler or lover, all of them are robots. She, wanting to have a child, a BEAUTIFUL child, chose to use the created DNA of one of her \'lovers\'

To have me.

And I hate robots. Because all of them are never TRUE. They are only machines...but I never thought I would find a robot, which I love.\"

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-What story I love the most:

- “None”

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-Randoms things:

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Disclaimer: In every story there, Kimoto-sama claims no right over: the characters, the setting, but she does, however, claim the fanfictions as hers.

PS: I do not accept any contact without being informed of WHO you are


Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Incest
Main Characters: Aburame Clan, Original Character(s)
Genres: Drama | Story Types: Essay
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 969 words | Complete: No

Summary: I knew what he was thinking but we hadn’t done it in days. I know it’s a taboo in our family but it feel so right doing it.

Published: 04/23/11 | Updated: 05/08/11

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