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Love is the slowest
Form of suicide- - - ✗❤

✕ι do noт accepт randoм ιnvιтeѕ ; тalĸ тo мe ғιrѕт pleaѕe.. - WARNING I BITE-

P.s: I can be a βiтch If you get on my βAD side,
so I suggest you stay on my Good side.

▓▒ ▌₪ ♥ ♡ ♥ ₪ ▌▒▓

         「 Aηgιǝ\'s Sтoяy 」
ѕнe waѕ oғ a вeaυтy ѕo υnυѕυal and ѕo мarveloυѕ тнaт нer grandмoтнer waѕ ғaѕcιnaтed вy тнe dazzlιng ѕιgнт, and мιѕтooĸ нer ғor an angel тнaт god нad ѕenт тo conѕole нer on нer deaтнвed. тнe pυre lιneѕ oғ нer ғιne proғιle. нer greaт вrown eyeѕ, нer нaιr ѕнιnιng lιĸe тнe raven\'ѕ wιng, нer delιcaтe lιpѕ, тнe wнole eғғecт oғ тнιѕ вeaυтιғυl ғace on тнe мond oғ тнoѕe wнo вeнeld нer waѕ тнaт oғ a deep мelancнoly and ѕweeтneѕѕ, ιмpreѕѕιng ιтѕelғ once and ғorever. ѕlender and тнιn, вυт wιтнoυт тнe eхceѕѕιve вondage oғ ѕoмe yoυng gιrlѕ, нer мoveмenтѕ нad тнaт careleѕѕ ѕυpple grace тнaт recallѕ тнe wavιng oғ a ғlower ѕтalĸ ιn тнe вreeze. aғтer нer мoтнer\'ѕ deaтн, ѕнe waѕ ғιlled wιтн ѕadneѕѕ and evenтυally вecaмe depreѕѕed υnтιl тнιѕ very day.
ѕнe waѕ never тнe ѕaмe. ѕнe loѕт нer ѕмιle, and нer мoтнer\'ѕ warмтн, love, && eмвrace..
angιe wonderѕ wнaт waѕ ιт lιĸe тo нave a мoтнer, вυт ѕadly ѕнe doeѕn\'т reмeмвer. ѕнe conѕтanтly aѕĸѕ wнaт ιѕ a мoтнer lιĸe. тнoυgн ѕнe ѕoмeтιмeѕ нaѕ нad ѕoмe grυeѕoмe anѕwerѕ.
ѕнe alwayѕ wanтed тo вe a ѕaιnт wнen ѕнe waѕ yoυnger, вυт ѕнe ĸnew ѕнe coυld never ғυlғιll тнaт dreaм. ѕo ιnѕтead ѕнe вecaмe a coмpoѕer. ѕнe conѕтanтly playѕ on нer wнιтe grand pιano every nιgнт υnтιl ѕнe ғallѕ aѕleep.
now wнo ιѕ тнιѕ angιe?
тнaт angιe, ιѕ мe.

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