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You have found a reader. This odd species tends to read and accumulate an insane amount of stories in her favorites, choosing to read and review rather than write.

That\'s a nicer way to say \"I suck at writing\".

I\'m trying to grow out of it, though.

Aww, you guys, thanks for considering me a good reviewer, though. I\'m touched that some of you people like whatever stuff your fics make me spawn on a review. You guys make my day with your responses (and your fanfiction, of course).


Rated: All | Warnings: None
Main Characters: Bookman, Jeryy, Lavi, Other, Reader, Various, You, Yu Kanda
Genres: Fluff, General, Other, Romance | Story Types: One Shot, Reader Insert
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 1391 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: Day in, day out. It's always the same. Today is too, the same as yesterday for all but two people. And one of those people is me.

Birthday fic for Lavi.
ReaderxLavi (1st person PoV)
Published: 08/11/08 | Updated: 08/11/08
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Adult Situations, Angst, Explicit Material, Graphic Violence, Mild Adult Situations, Mild Sexual References, Mildly Explicit, Rape, Spoilers, Strong Language, Violence
Main Characters: Dino Cavallone, Gokudera Hayato, Hibari Kyoya, Other, Reader, Reborn, Rokudo Mukuro, Sasagawa Kyoko, Sasagawa Ryohei, Sawada Tsunayoshi, Various, Yamamoto Takeshi, You
Genres: Action, Adventure, Alternative History, Angst, Drama, General, Martial Arts, Other, Romance, Time Travel, Tragedy | Story Types: Alternative Universe, Collection, Drabble, Ficlet, General, One Shot, Other, Reader Insert, Vignette
Length: 8 chapter(s) / 12546 words | Complete: No

Summary: With all the times I’ve been “bitten to death”, I might as well be Hibari’s personal chewing toy.

Series of Reader x Hibari one shots and ficlets. Written in 1st person PoV.
Published: 01/31/09 | Updated: 11/16/09
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Rated: All | Warnings: Fluff, Silliness, Spoilers
Main Characters: Gokudera Hayato, Other, Reborn, Sasagawa Kyoko, Sawada Tsunayoshi, Yamamoto Takeshi
Genres: Action, Angst, Family, Fluff, Friendship, Other, Romance, Time Travel | Story Types: Collection, Divergence, Ficlet, Other, PWP, Reader Insert
Length: 14 chapter(s) / 24909 words | Complete: No

Summary: He's the kind of guy everyone likes to hang around. With his determination, his ever present grin, and the happy attittude to back it up, it's no wonder he's always surrounded by friends, really. What's really a wonder is that someone like him, as fresh and cleansing as the falling rain, would choose to hang around someone like me.

A series of Reader x Yamamoto ficlets. Written in 1st Person PoV.

Published: 08/31/09 | Updated: 12/10/09
Harvest Moon

Rated: Youth | Warnings: PWP, Silliness, Spoilers
Main Characters: Alex, Joe, Kurt, Other, Ray, Reader, Various, You
Genres: Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Fluff, General, Other, Romance | Story Types: Divergence, Ficlet, General, Holiday, Other, Reader Insert
Length: 4 chapter(s) / 5074 words | Complete: No

Summary: If you wanted a lecture on the power of words, you would've been a language teacher, not a farm owner. However, there are times that even in such a simple lifestyle, these words become as important as life itself.

Reader x Various Response to KianaNobody's "20 Phrases"
Published: 06/17/09 | Updated: 12/01/09
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Rated: Youth | Warnings: Fluff, PWP
Main Characters: Dino Cavallone, Reader, Various, You
Genres: Fluff, General, Other, Romance | Story Types: Ficlet, One Shot, PWP, Reader Insert
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 802 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: Sleep is precious, but sometimes you have to work and that takes precious sleep hours. Not on his watch, it doesn't.

Slight Dino x Reader.
Published: 09/02/09 | Updated: 09/02/09

Rated: Youth | Warnings: None
Main Characters: Other, Reader, You, Yu Kanda
Genres: Alternative History, Fluff, Friendship, Romance | Story Types: Alternative Universe, One Shot, Prequel, Reader Insert
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 1339 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: Kanda was always cold to dates. June sixth was just a day in his calendar with nothing marked upon it. A day like any other.

It wasn't for me.
Published: 06/07/08 | Updated: 06/07/08
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Rated: All | Warnings: Graphic Violence, OOC, PWP, Silliness, Spoilers, Strong Language, Violence
Main Characters: Belphegor, Fran, Levi A Than, Lussuria, Mammon, Other, Rasiel, Reader, Superbi Squalo, Various, Xanxus
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Friendship, General, Other, Time Travel | Story Types: Collection, Drabble, Ficlet, Reader Insert
Length: 6 chapter(s) / 6197 words | Complete: No

Summary: One would think that the most deadly, most skilled, and most feared assassins in the mafia world would be mentally above the age of five.

Reader X Various (Varia)
Published: 10/27/09 | Updated: 01/03/10

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Angst, Death, Mild Adult Situations, PWP, Spoilers, Strong Language, Violence
Main Characters: Other, Reader, Reever Wenhamm, Various, Yu Kanda
Genres: Action, Angst, Drama, General, Other, Romance, Suspense | Story Types: Collection, Ficlet, Other, PWP, Reader Insert, Vignette
Length: 13 chapter(s) / 11510 words | Complete: No

Summary: The Order grows on you, you know? The people, the training, the uniforms, the food. They grow to be a part of who you are, what you like, who you identify yourself as. I've lived here for far too many winters to be able to separate myself from it. All in all, they've become part of my family and a part of me as well, no matter how much they don't want to.

Supposedly Reader x Kanda, and maybe tiny bits of Reader x Daysia. Written in 1st person PoV
Published: 04/28/09 | Updated: 11/04/09
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Mild Adult Situations, Mildly Explicit, OOC, Spoilers, Violence
Main Characters: Bianchi, Gokudera Hayato, Reader, Reborn, Sawada Tsunayoshi, Various, Yamamoto Takeshi, You
Genres: Adventure, Angst, Comedy, Drama, Family, Friendship, Other, Romance, Time Travel | Story Types: Alternative Universe, Collection, Ficlet, Reader Insert
Length: 3 chapter(s) / 4875 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: Life hasn't always smiled upon us. We knew that from very long ago. We've always stumbled around, helping wach other up when we fall. And we learned that, sometimes, it's you who has got to smile before everything that happens around you so they can start smiling to you.

A series of ReaderxGokudera ficlets and one-shots. Written in 1st Person PoV.

Published: 11/17/08 | Updated: 02/09/09

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