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Heya~ I\'m XxViperxX, but since I\'m also BlackKinmotsuGhost on Quizilla, I\'m Ghosty-chan too. Or just Viper. Either or. Um... I like anime and manga and watch too many cartoons for my age(how old am I? Between 10 and 21.) I also talk like I\'ve read the dictionary, because I read tons of books. The word \'lovely\' is my sarcastic catch phrase. Don\'t ask, I don\'t know. My favorite anime changes on a daily/weekly base, and my favorite cartoon is Magi-Nation.

*pokes fingers together* I like to write yaoi.

I also won\'t really do any Reader x Whoever because the blanks are a pain to remember, and I prefer having a set name, personality, and looks, so...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
\"Oh, so you\'re crazy.\" Yusei Fudo, Yu-Gi-Oh 5d\'s, talking to Primo

\"Are you Carol Chenning?\" \"Would you like me to be Carol Chenning?\" Brad Sherwood and Ryan Stiles, Whose Line is it Anyways?, Questions Only

\"I\'mma make a metal house!\" \"Why?\" \"Because there\'s a metal texture here!\" \"Really? Where?\" \"Just click th\'...the thingy there...JEEZ! Get with the program!\" My friend Neil and I, in Tech Ed, playing with a house-making program(I\'m the one spazzing)

\"*laughing* You have such a dry humor, Steph!\" \"Um...Thanks...?\"-My teacher, commenting on my homework in Lang Arts

TT: There\'s a cake in the toilet. EB: yes. there is.-MS Paint Adventures
Visit my dragons?

So, just for the record, I\'m going to try to update things, but school n\' stuff...ya know.


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