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Name: Adelia_Music_Whore
Alias: Adelia
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I am a crazy, psychotic loser that has nothing better to do with her summer than to sit around, and read fanfiction and watch my toonies…:) I will most likely just be reading, however, I may post a little bit from a book that I am working on getting published for feedback… If so, I will not post whole chapters, let alone the whole thing for crediting issues… I love anime, books, drawing, and performing various acts of pure stupidity/violence/things I ought not do, for kicks…
A list of said acts include:
1) being detained/banned from various Wal-Marts in 6 states for doing almost the entire list of \"Things To Do In Wal-Mart\"
2) getting put in Juvie for about 7 months for completely totaling an Escalade belonging to my ex, whom I found out, was cheating on me with four other girls
3) pelting Skittles at passerbyers
4) duck taping my roomate to a toilet in her sleep after I woke up with green hair the morning before
5) and many others!!!

Ps: should you google me for whatever reason, I am not Adela, I am Adelia!!!!! Not even related!!!!! Just wanted to get that out.



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