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November 15

C\'mon luna....validate the story\'s been past 2 weeks >.< got an english exam tomorrow....yay?

November 8

Ehhhh, I\'m not blaming luna because I know the mods are busy...but oh my story is taking so long to validate. Gomenasai >.< And now exams are in half a week, so by the time they get validated I won\'t be able to update (mommy\'s getting rid of internet). I\'m so sad!~ But this means that it\'s probably going to be almost a month before i can post up the next chapter! gah~~ MINDBLOW! So I promise to have heaps and heaps of pre-written chapters on standby.-everyone cheers- Yay! I mean, who cares about exams right? You guys are way more important ^^

October 31

Okay, so I\'ve officially completed the first chapter for \'With love in every bite\'. All that\'s left now is to write the summary. Hopefully I\'ll be able to post the story up tonight and it\'ll be validated by tomorrow.~ Merci revenir~

October 25

Ok so I ended up deleting everything in my profile....accidentally if i may add...which isn\'t exactly the smartest thing for anyone to do. But that\'s ok! Because now it\'s really like starting fresh...and to top it off, yes I am deleting \'Forget me, forget you\'. I\'m sorry to the many of you who added the story to your favorites list. I\'ll be fixing up the story and deleting a few things before reposting it on Luna along with the new story \'With love in every bite\'. So watch out for that. That\'s all for now~ Au revoir.


Hi guys, welcome to my profile. And yes I know that it looks a little bare, but hey someday it\'s not gonna be. So just bare with me until then. Yay~

Name: Leslie
Birthday: 14 February (yes it\'s Valentine\'s Day xD)
Lives in: Auckland, New Zealand
Loves: Drinking mochas( it\'s basically my life), listening to music, reading fanfiction
Hates: Assholes, homework, Justin Beiber (sorry can\'t stand him)
Favourite colour: Gotta be blue~
Blood type: O
Currently obsessed with: Kaiba\'s sexy blue eyes