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Hey there!

If you have any wishes, love praises, complaints or anything else, feel free to write to me! :-)
I love getting mail^^

Name: Carys

Age: 18

Hobbies: writing, reading, listening to music, drawing, day dreaming.
(I try to do all of this, but it\'s hard work!)

All time fave anime:
(Pretty much all of my stories will be Naruto)

All time fave characters:
1. Neji Hyuuga
2. Itachi Uchia
3. Akasuna no Sasori
4. Pein (Nagato)
(I\'ve got a weakness for bad guys^^)

My Current Stories!

- Poison -
I\'m going to post the start of this Neji-Story-Lemon-Thing as soon as possible.. the last 2 chapters are being written now!

Stories which will soon be Posted!

|| Farewell || {Gaara one shot}
|| *Second Chances* || - Itachi one shot
|| I\'m sorry || - { Neji one shot } => is posted!

Plans for the future!
I have about 5 diffrent stories in my head at the moment.. I\'ll have to find time to write all of them down now, because I\'m starting to get headaches trying to think for chapters all at once... Well, these are my ideas:

- Pein story
- Itachi story or one shot
- Sasori story
- Pein one shot
- Deidara story or one shot

I\'ll try to do them A.S.A.P!



Rated: All | Warnings: Angst
Main Characters: Neji, Reader
Genres: Drama, Tragedy | Story Types: One Shot, Song-Fic
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 1347 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: Based on the song
"One life, one soul" by Gotthard

If you give everything, risk losing it all... realization can be a curse. Haunting you forever in your life, soul and mind.
Published: 06/29/11 | Updated: 07/25/11