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~ {Well hello everyone ! My name is Tiaria im a Seto Kaiba Fan aswell. I really don \' t remember how I came across this community (yes I do!)but it seems pretty awesome here and There are not alot of places on the internet where you can feel
good about yourself and be happy or write what you want!. I look at myself as being fun,humorous and an all around nice person. I haven\' t been a member of LJ or Luna for very long I just joined it, but I needed somewhere to write! and Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with(*Your name here*) stories they are my favorable things to read! Hint! Hint! well send good stories my way! you now know what kind I\'m hinting at I read all kinds any rating! :3 !} ~I\'m also a lurkerr...wahahahaha Oh and I \'m really really random ( this is the same as my first impression haha ) REALLY. That includes the bio feature on this..well let me read your stories while I write my own! ...I hope you read this before you friend me or be friends in this place cause you may just drown in all this randomness.