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Let me start off by introducing myself. I am Leila Phantomhive. Now by now, you\'ve seen that I have changed my name plenty of times. This happens to be the name that I am sticking with. I\'ve chosen two of the names from my favorite names I use when role playing, and the last name was from my favorite anime Kuroshitsuji. In no way am I related to the anime, obviously, but I will role play as if I am Ciel\'s adopted sister. Sound good to you? Well my apologies, that seems to be a problem you\'ll have to resolve on your own. I don\'t plan on changing myself for anyone, so don\'t suppose I will do so for you. I am me, and no one else. Who am I? I\'m nobody... who are you? Brownie points for the person who can guess where I got that last quote from.

Next I\'d like to tell you a little about myself; I am not much of an artist, but more like an author. Writing is a passion of mine, whether it is lyrics, poems, stories, or novels. You name it, I\'ll try my best to write it. My most famous works that I tend to write are usually fan fictions. Also when I am in class I write plenty of short stories. I am into anime, and a proud Otaku. I wouldn\'t say that I lable myself; if I did I would be cross between, scene and rocker. But that is just me. Tim Burton is my hero and I love all of his works. Sweeney Todd is one of my favorite movies that he has done. If you have any type of request for a fan fiction, or a story just send me a message and I will be proud to reply and tell you what I can do for you. I also have a Deviantart, Fanfiction, Facebook, Quizilla, and Gaia account. Feel free to ask me for my username and I\'ll think of adding you. I\'m quite fond of reading, although some books don\'t amuse me. I have a tendency of reading the genres horror/thriller, romance, suspence, tragedy, and much more similar. Manga, and anime are one of the things the create my life. The other being music, and blood. Yes. I just said blood. Without it, everyone would be dead. So get use to being around it. I understand the phobia of seeing too much blood, trust me I have it, but seeing drops shouldn\'t be bad. Especially if you happened to be born a female. Writing is another hobby of mine, followed by baking. Sweets is the final thing that makes up my no-so-perfect, perfect life. Without them, I wouldn\'t make it through a simple day. Yes, I am still young. I warn you, I am no child. I am old enough to be on here, and old enough to drive. If you are not satified with knowing that, well once again my humble apologies.

Now I\'ll tell you about Leila Phantomhive. She prefers to be called Leila for many reasons. When she was a baby, she was adopted by a woman and her husband. The woman had a son who was three years older than her, who had the name Ciel. Although, after a year, the Phantomhive\'s decided to let Leila stay with Madame Red. Once she was old enough to work, she was hired as a maid for Madame Red. She was told throughout her life that she was an orphan who\'s parents died in a terrible fire. It wasn\'t until Madame Red was murdered that she found out the truth about her parents. Leila stayed at the estate, and became a maid for the ex-butler Grell. She didn\'t bother looking for her brother, for the fact that Grell had instructed her not to do so. Since then, she has been nothing more then an ex-Phantomhive. And a maid.

Her personality is almost exact to Ciel\'s, although she shows a bit more emotion than he does. During the time that Ciel was going through all of his troubles, from the time he dealed with the Jack the Ripper case all the way to the moment he returned from the Trancy estate. Grell was known to keep his tabs on what happened around the butler Sebastian. After a year of hearing about Ciel, Leila was released as a maid and became the next Madame Red. Well, at least she was the heiress of her name and fortune.


For those of you who know me from my account on you\'ll know that I tend to post my story ideas on my profile so I can let my readers know what I am up to. So here are my current ideas. They will have complete next to them if I\'ve finally written the story for it.
Story Ideas:
Even Angels Have Their Wicked Schemes
Couple - Sasuke x Sakura
Summary - Based off of Rihanna\'s version of \'Love the Way You Lie\' comes a story of a tragic love. Sakura Haruno was your typical high school girl. She was brilliant, and talented. There were few who disliked her, and plenty who loved her. With no parents, she raised herself along with the help of her friends. One winter she had confessed her love to her childhood friend, Sasuke Uchiha. Nothing ever turned out well when it came to things such as that... The pinkette attempted suicide, after several injuries to her arms. Sasuke came, but nothing will be the same for the two of them. Sequel to Eternal Snow.


Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Suicide
Main Characters: Sakura
Genres: Angst | Story Types: One Shot
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 1643 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: Is it so wrong to fall in love with your best friend? My name is Sakura Haruno. When I was young, I lost my parents. This is my tale of the day the Earth seemed to stop just for me. The day my life seemed to end.

"Sasuke, lie to me." I stared into his onyx eyes with my emerald ones. They seemed to be peering into my soul, as if trying to heal all its wounds. His mouth opened, forming carefully three words. The only words I caught. My heart shattered slowly as I stood. "I love you-"
Published: 08/18/11 | Updated: 08/28/11

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