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\'Ello. RubberDuckRehab here! Or... whatever the hell you wanna call me. (:

- Plot Bunnies -

King and Queen (Bones | Zack/Reader)
Up In Flames (Criminal Minds | Reid/Reader)
American Dream (Bones | Hodgins/Reader)
Halo (Bones | Zack/OC )

- Currently... -

Obsessed with (show): Bones, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Burn Notice
Obsessed with (person): Zackary Addy, Spencer Reid, Tony DiNozzo
Obsessed with (other): Starting my sentences with \"Dude\" -___-

- About The Author...ess-

Umm... hi. I might not be on as much as I want to, but I\'ll sure as hell try. I\'m gonna give the whole /Reader thing a try... though I\'m used to /OC fanfics. I\'ll still write both, so either way, someone will be happy. I hope. ♥

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