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Axis Powers Hetalia

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Crackfic, Crude Humor, Fluff, Mild Adult Situations
Main Characters: America, Austria, Belarus, Canada, China, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hanatamago, Iceland, Japan, Kumajiro, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Netherlands, North Italy, Norway, Original Character(s), Prussia, Reader, Russia, Sealand, South Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Various, You
Genres: Angst, Comedy, Fluff, Friendship, Lime, Romance | Story Types: Drabble, Ficlet, Reader Insert
Length: 7 chapter(s) / 1779 words | Complete: No

Summary: A 100-drabble series about your misadventures with the Hetalia crew. Most are ReaderxVarious, though even I have no idea what others are. You might even learn something.
Published: 02/19/12 | Updated: 03/23/12