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Hey hey!!!
It\'s Tammy ^_^
Yes, it says Hana is my pen name :o Why is that do you ask?
It could be a tribute to my close friend, and is a type of... Nickname? Maybe so.

So what do I do other than get on your nerves with my infernal yapping?

Well, I don\'t find that you can really get a feel for me just by reading this bio... Even though I will be saying things about myself... Perhaps >_> I\'m digging the \"Mysterious\" type theme right now Hehe.

But it\'s not me you\'re interested in of course, is it?
It\'s the stories I will post!
Or the stories of yours I shall read.

I\'m a female. [[Le gasp! It\'s a trap!!!]]
I\'m an Otaku.
I read books... And Comics... And Play Games... It sounds like I have no life... But I do schoolwork! I promise!!! >_>

I\'m friendly and nice to people who are lovely and sweet to me, so I\'ll give you what you give me :)
Which reminds me... I have a lot of people to give llamas to... Hold on a sec...

Alright. Done.

Now to the sincere thanks and loves to you all.

To anyone who\'s actually looking at this, even if you want to just glance and laugh at how corny I sound (I know. I am)
I thank you for noticing me :o I\'m just the one in a billion of this great site, so you being here, you reading this bio is extremely heart-warming for me.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to making new friends and reading great stories!!!


.The Red Rose.