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About Me:

  • I am a cat.
  • I was not named after a fascist dictator. I was actually named after a deceased, human relative.
  • I am a Maine Coon mix, but I have short hair like my mother. My brother got the long fluff.
  • I live with my biological brother, my adopted brother, my adopted sister, my human mommy, and my human daddy.
  • I like to laugh at daddy when he tries to grow a moustache because mine is more epic and always will be.
  • I also think it\'s funny when my brother has a lion cut.
  • I love blankets and sweaters. It\'s like a hug.
  • I also love hugs, belly rubs, naps in the sun, tuna, beef, yogurt (especially banana yougurt), chin scratches, and mommy and daddy\'s bed.
  • My brothers and I are spoiled rotten.
  • I hate water and the outdoors.
  • I\'m the smart cat in this house. I\'m also the big cat in this house.
  • I\'m not fat. I\'m just big-boned and really muscular, kind of like a tank.
  • Mommy comes up with new nicknames for me about once a week. These include: Beefcake, Tank Cat, Schnookums, Sweetie, Sweetie Pie, Mewski, Squeaktopus, The Blueberry Stud Muffin, and The Grim Squeaker.
  • All things considered, I don\'t have it that bad when it come to nicknames, since my brother got called Anorexi-cat when he went through a skinny period during massive growth spurts and Bishie-cat after that. Our adopted brother went through a chubby period as a kitten and was called Lucky Buddha Belly Cat.
  • My high-pitched meow isn\'t funny, mom.

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    Summary: What it says on the tin.
    Published: 05/08/12 | Updated: 05/08/12

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