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My name\'s Sadie, and I come from a small town off the East Coast. I\'m seventeen years old, and a junior in Highschool. I\'m basically a straight A student, and unlike most teenagers, I adore waking up every morning to go to school. I get sterotyped a lot as the \"quiet girl\", but when I\'m with my friends I can be obnoxious. I have a very sexual sense of humor, and love to make people laugh by actually being funny and not a moron. And although I\'m quiet, I am extremely - possibly overly - friendly. I write a lot. I\'ve taken Creative Writing for every single year of Highschool. And I\'m also in Honor\'s English. When I start going to college I\'ll be majoring in English. Don\'t think of me as a cocky person though. :( I just love to write!
I\'m obsessed with Anime. This obsession started in 5th grade when I watched an episode of InuYasha. As a child my mother also watched Sailor Moon a lot therefore, so did I. But, I like a vast amount of Anime\'s. Most are the \"most popular\" ones out there including: Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood, Bleach, Deathnote, Kekkaishi, Ghost in a Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Trinity Blood, Blood+ and many others! I\'ve also recently had my innocent eyes exposed to Hentai, and Hentai Anime\'s including: Cafe Junkie (I believe it\'s called) and G Taste.
Video gaming has also been a huge hobby of mine, but that started when I was in 1st grade when I picked up my first controller and made an attempt at playing Final Fantasy X (10). I\'ve also been playing Resident Evil, and Legend of Zelda since I was a little girl - as you can see from my picture, I got my first tattoo which was the \"Triforce\", hehe. My mother played a lot of Tomb Raider too, and recently I beat Tomb Raider: Starring Lara Croft on my own. But, I also play other games including: Kingdom Hearts I, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Resident Evil 0-5, Dead Space, Final Fantasy VII-X, American McGees Alice (For PC, and Xbox), Amnesia, Nightmare House 1-2, Silent Hill (All games), Halo, Parasite Eve, Fatal Frame, and many others. I also think that Call of Duty is over-rated and stupid. No offense to anyone that plays it! It\'s just never been my personal forte...
Getting on a more personal level, I\'m a very friendly, and happy individual. I\'m always smiling, and laughing, and trying hard to make others laugh. I\'m usually on my computer on a daily basis writing new Fanfiction/Fiction and Nonfiction stories. Sometimes I do get a little busy with school and stuff. Don\'t ever be shy to critique my stories/One-shots/Drabbles, and never be afraid to message me just to say hi!
The story is on hold until further notice, feel free to request One Shots until then.

Yes, everyone! I do take One-shot requests, and as I get them I\'m going to list them below so everyone knows how many I get, and how they\'re coming along; just so everyone can be updated and not worry about when their One shot is going to be completed. Normally, I finish One-shots in about two days. The first day I write them, the second day I review them and add any important information. I try to stick as best to the character\'s personality I can manage, so you can get the full effect of the Fanfic. I write just about everything, including extremely non-explicit lemons, so do not be shy! Below is the form to submit a One-shot. It\'s just so I can keep everything organized, and keep a record of whom requested a One-shot first. I wanna be as fair as possible.

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Kingdom Hearts

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Fluff
Main Characters: King Mickey
Genres: Fluff | Story Types: None
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 735 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: "I wanna be with you now."
Sora x Reader
Published: 05/09/12 | Updated: 06/13/12