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--- 8/16/13 as of 7:16 PM

|Age| Sixteen
|Gender| Female
|Date of Birth| February 17th
|Height| 5\' 11\'\'
|Zodiac| Aquarius and Ox
|Details| I am an asexual-aromantic atheist with depression and a slight obsessive compulsive disorder. I am also a musician, writer, artist, gamer, perfectionist, vegetarian, insomniac, and, fortunately or unfortunately, an alexithymic. \'Pleased to meet you c:


--- 8/18/13 as of 1:42AM

While listening to some new music and working on a drawing of an OC of mine, I was suddenly hit by multiple ideas for a few projects I\'ve left sitting around. The majority of my thoughts were centered on different scenes for the D.Gray-Man Roleplay I started on Quizilla, but a few gave me inspiration for \"Fringed Courier\" and \"Flux Passage\". Fringed Courier is most likely going to be a one-shot or a few linked ficlets while Flux Passage might end up just being a series of random moments if I can think of more elements to add to it. I\'m considering filling both stories with angst; I can never seem to write anything with a happy ending.


--- 7/3/13 as of 3:44AM
Sited here are ideas that I plan to type into stories. Summer vacation is on the verge of starting and that is one of the few times when I can write freely without interruption nor hindrance, so expect them soon. Keep in mind that the titles are subject to change as is the path the story line will follow.

  • |D. Gray-Man|

    • [Tyki/Reader] Fringed Courier

      • Rationally, acknowledging humanity in a Noah wasn\'t possible. The very idea itself is equal to forsaking your Innocence, consequently leading to defection from the Order and the loss of your title as an exorcist. Rationally, he shouldn\'t have been able to conclude that he didn\'t despise you. You were an exorcist and he a Noah, an impossible and unthinkable combination.

        Nothing good could come of this.

    • [Neah/Reader] The Musician

    • [Debitto/Reader] Flux Passage

    • --------------------

  • |K-Project|

    • [Yata/Reader]

    • [Suoh/Reader]



      I do not claim ownership over any of the fandoms or characters that I write for. They belong to their respective creators. Any story, plot-line, and/or original character(s) belong to me unless stated otherwise. Furthermore, if my stories are found anywhere other than here, please be sure to notify me immediately. Thank you.


Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Angst, Fluff
Main Characters: Allen Walker, Nea Walker, Reader, You
Genres: Angst, Fluff, Romance | Story Types: Ficlet, One Shot, Reader Insert
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 732 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: One brazen, defiant gaze waning into a concoction of affliction and vulnerability fragmented your initial image of the 14th. He was a threat, a burden, and a danger to the one whom you cared for above all else, and yet that one encounter left you unable to hate the Noah absorbing him. How could you when a baleful hand treated you so gently?

Published: 07/03/13 | Updated: 07/08/13

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