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I couldn\'t have been happier to have found this site. I am an aspiring author with a liking for various video games, anime and other types of media. Just like no doubt many other users, I look forward to expressing my adoration for the things I love while expressing and harnessing the full capabilities of my writing potential.
All in all, I intend to have fun with what I write, and I also hope to entertain plenty of readers along the way!

Soul Eater

Rated: All | Warnings: None
Main Characters: Chrona, Death The Kid, Maka Albarn, Soul Eater Evans
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Fairy-tale, Fantasy | Story Types: Alternative Universe, Crossover, Fairy-tale
Length: 5 chapter(s) / 27058 words | Complete: No

Summary: An installment of the Crona's Bedtime Stories Series. A girl named Maka drifted too far into her dreams and fell into Wonderland. It is oppressed by an evil, snake queen, and, with the help of a snappy rabbit named Soul, Maka takes up the challenge to defeat Medusa. The challenges get worse with each step forward, begging the question if all dreams are truly worth saving.
Published: 01/05/18 | Updated: 01/25/18

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